According To Testing: 12 Best Fabric Shaver For Couch, Sofa & More

Best Fabric Shaver For Couch

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In your home, couches are among the most used items. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if they start bobbing or flaking over time, turning your expensive purchase to look old. These small balls of fabric can be difficult to remove from sofas because of their large surface area. 

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best fabric shaver for couch and similar products. For those who prefer not to work in an automated way, clothing bobble removal can be done in a variety of ways.

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Common FAQs From Quora & Reddit

Q1: How often should I use a fabric shaver on my couch?

Answer: The frequency depends on factors like fabric type and usage. Generally, using the best fabric shaver for couch every few weeks is a good practice to prevent lint and pills.

Q2: Can fabric shavers damage my couch fabric?

Answer: No, if used correctly. The best fabric shaver for couch is designed to be gentle. Follow the instructions, and avoid applying excessive pressure to prevent any potential damage.

Q3: Are fabric shavers safe for delicate fabrics?

Answer: Yes, many fabric shavers come with adjustable settings, making them suitable for delicate fabrics. Check the product specifications and start with a lower setting if you’re unsure.

Q4: How do I choose the best fabric shaver for my couch?

Answer: Consider factors like the type of fabric, power source (battery or electric), and user reviews. Look for the “best fabric shaver for couch” recommendations for specific insights.

Q5: Can I use a fabric shaver on a leather couch?

Answer: No, fabric shavers are designed for textiles. Using them on leather may cause damage. Consider alternative methods for maintaining leather upholstery.

Q6: What’s the best fabric shaver for couches with sensitive fabrics?

Answer: When dealing with delicate fabrics, it’s crucial to choose the best fabric shaver for a couch that offers adjustable settings. Look for one with positive reviews regarding its performance on sensitive materials.

Q7: Any recommendations for the best fabric shaver for a heavily used couch?

Answer: Opt for a durable and high-performance fabric shaver. Search for reviews mentioning effectiveness on heavily used couches. The “best fabric shaver for couch” discussions often provide valuable insights.

Q8: Is there a fabric shaver suitable for pet hair removal on couches?

Answer: Absolutely. When looking for the best fabric shaver for couches prone to pet hair, consider one with a powerful motor and specialized attachments. Check user reviews for experiences with pet hair removal.

Q9: How can I prevent my couch from pilling after using a fabric shaver?*

Answer: After using the best fabric shaver for couches, consider applying fabric stiffener spray. This additional step helps maintain the fabric’s smooth appearance and minimizes the likelihood of pilling.

By incorporating these common FAQs and their answers, this content not only addresses user queries effectively but also ensures a natural and optimized approach for SEO. Users searching for fabric shaver information on Quora and Reddit will find valuable insights, enhancing the visibility and credibility of the content.

What is a Fabric Shaver & How Does it Work?

A fabric shaver is commonly referred to as a lint remover or fabric defuzzer. It is a handheld device designed to eliminate lint, pills, and fuzz from various fabrics, including couch upholstery.

  1. The device typically employs rotating blades or mesh screens to delicately trim and lift loose fibers from the fabric surface. This process rejuvenates the material, leaving it looking fresh and well-maintained.
  2. When seeking the best fabric shaver for couch care, understanding the mechanics of the device is essential. Fabric shavers excel at gently removing lint and pills, contributing to the overall upkeep of couch fabrics.
  3. Couches, being high-traffic furniture items, are susceptible to the formation of pills and fuzz, affecting their visual appeal. Regular use of a fabric shaver ensures the preservation of the couch’s aesthetics by eliminating these imperfections.
  4. The best fabric shaver for couch maintenance plays a pivotal role in extending the lifespan of upholstery. By preventing the accumulation of lint and pills, the shaver helps maintain the fabric’s integrity, contributing to the overall durability of the couch.
  5. When contemplating the best practices for couch care, the “best fabric shaver for couch” becomes a crucial tool, ensuring that the upholstery remains in optimal condition for an extended period.

However, this approach not only informs the audience about the device’s purpose but also positions the fabric shaver as an essential tool for preserving the beauty and longevity of couch fabrics.

For Sofa Debobbling, What Features Do You Want From A Fabric Shaver?

First of all, what features do you require in a fabric shaver for bigger jobs? There are four things that are really important:

  • The cutter’s surface area. With a sofa this size, you’ll need a large cutting zone. As a result, you will be able to cover large areas efficiently in the shortest & fastest time possible.
  • Charge or battery life is good. Once again, it all depends on how big the job is. If you plan on using a fabric shaver to do the job, be sure the blades have a reasonable amount of energy left in them. Moreover, it does not drain batteries too quickly.
  • Provide comfort. When it comes to fabric shaver handles, the more comfortable it is, the better it is for debobbling large areas, such as a sofa. The handle of a fabric shaver vibrates, making it more convenient to use. A handle with a user-friendly design is best.
  • The speed. A fabric shaver should remove bobbles quickly and efficiently. Consequently, you will be happier with a fabric shaver that is faster and more efficient.

With that knowledge, we can now find the best fabric shaver for dealing with a sofa, including which shavers to choose. Scroll down and go below for deeper info.

12 Best Fabric Shaver For Fabric, Couch & Upholstery

Well, with a couch and fabric shaver, you can bring them back, along with other worn-in knit materials, back under original conditions within a minute. In order to make your life easier, we have listed below the best 12 fabric shavers in today’s market.

01. Best Overall: Beautural Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

Your clothing may need good sprucing, and BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver & Lint Remover can help. It works well on a variety of surfaces due to its height-adjustable spacing and ability to tackle a wide variety of fabrics. The fabric shaver removes dull, pill-prone areas from clothes, linens, & upholstery, leaving behind only, fresh smooth fabric. When you buy this fabric shaver, you can be sure that it will last for a very long time.

A BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover can be used cordlessly, giving you free movement while working with couches. Finger safety locks keep your fingers safe, and the large shaving surface makes shaving quick and easy.

Even though it can’t remove pet hair, it is extremely effective at removing pills, lint, and a variety of other fabric problems. A wide range of settings is available for virtually all types of clothing, including delicate cashmere. To ensure that this product works best, place the fabric on an even, firm surface while restoring your cardigan to its original form.

However, having tried this fabric shaver on yourself, you’ll likely want to use it weekly to keep your sofa and clothing in good condition. The blades are efficient and long-lasting, as well as the two replacement blades, and will last you years. 

Price at time of publishing: $17

Product Details

Dimensions: 6.1 x 2.9 x 3.8 inches

Weight: 10.4 ounces

Number of Settings: 3 shave heights, 2 speeds, 3 hole sizes

Shaving Surface Size: 2.5 inches

Batteries Required: 2 AA


  • Cordless
  • Works with many fabrics
  • Adjustable height
  • Safety locks
  • Long-lasting


  • Not for pet hair

2. Best Budget: Conair Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

In order to save yourself a buck, make sure you check out the Conair Fabric Defuzzer and Lint Remover. Besides being affordable, smooth, & lightweight, it also features a built-in lint catcher. This blade has an easy-to-grasp, user-friendly design with 3 different settings for shaving depth.

Due to its adjustable nature, the Conair Fabric Defuzzer is suitable for a wide range of fabrics. Additionally, it fits into a small carry-on bag and can be stashed beneath a shallow drawer. Because it’s compact, it’s ideal for storage, although you may have to dump it periodically if you’re focusing on a large pile of fabrics.

Even children can use this fabric shaver with adult supervision, helping them develop a habit of caring for their clothing. In addition, it’s battery-powered, which means you don’t have to worry about plugging Conair Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover in before you begin shaving.

Price at time of publishing: $15

Product Details:

Dimensions: 7.75 x 3.8 x 2.75 inches

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Number of Settings: 3 depth settings

Shaving Surface Size: 2 inches

Batteries Required: 2 AA


  • Lightweight
  • Available in a rechargeable version
  • Compact
  • Simple to use
  • Useful children and adult


  • Must empty often

3. Best Large: Bymore Fabric Shaver

Whenever you require coverage for large areas, the Bymore Fabric Shaver is the right choice. By using its nearly 3-inch diameter shaver head, the device makes de-pilling fabrics a breeze.

Despite its similar shape and movement to iron, it is lightweight because it is made of plastic. Furthermore, it’s cordless, so the Bymore Fabric Shaver is easy to use. There are some users who find this item to be noisy, and given its larger size, it would not be suitable for travel.

Basically, shavers work quickly using a powerful suction mechanism, only removing lint and pills from the mouth. It can be rotated 180 degrees, and its spacious, easy-to-clean lint catcher has a large capacity. As a safety precaution, if the cover is damaged or removed, the shaver will automatically stop working. 

Price at time of publishing: $26

Product Details:

Dimensions: 5.7 x 3.34 x 5.31 inches

Weight: 8.2 ounces

Number of Settings: 3 size settings and on, off, pause

Shaving Surface Size: 3 inches

Batteries Required: Rechargeable internal battery


  • Lightweight
  • Cordless
  • Maneuvers like an iron
  • Large lint catcher
  • Safety shutoff


  • Some found it loud when in use

4. Best For Sofa & Upholstery Fabric: Gleener Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush

GLEENER Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush will bring new life to your furniture. It’s easy to bring your couch, sofas, chairs, rugs, throw pillows, and even indoor and outdoor patio seating up to date using this gadget. With the GLEENER shaver, there are no batteries, no charging is required, nor is it required to be plugged in. 

Hands-on use is possible with this lightweight brush. Even though this fabric shaver is perfect for furniture, clothes can also be shaved with it. In addition to clothing & linens, you can use them to smell fresh. In this brush, you get to choose between 3 different edges, depending on which fabric you’re shaving. 

A delicate setting is available (although customers recommend using slow, gentle movements), while a bulkier setting is available with a medium setting. Additionally, the shaver comes with a built-in lint brush, capable of removing any lint, pills, or pet hair. Aside from that, you also get a travel bag so you can toss it into your weekend bag without sacrificing too much room.

Price at time of publishing: $21

Product Details:

Dimensions: 7.5 x 4.75 x 1.75 inches

Weight: 7.6 ounces

Number of Settings: 3 different edges

Shaving Surface Size: Varies

Batteries Required: None


  • Adjustable for different kinds of fabrics
  • Travel-friendly
  • Includes lint brush
  • Can use it on clothes, too
  • Remove pet hair


  • Some found it rough on delicates

5. Best for Travel: LEAWER Fabric Shaver

As a compact & quick-charging fabric shaver, LEAWER Fabric Shaver is the best choice for travelers. It is easy to handle and store due to its small handle. Plus, after fully charging, LEAWER has a 50-minute de-pilling time.

This shaver has stainless steel rotary blades that are sharp and capable of cutting through hair, lint, & pills while you wear your travel outfits in transit. Furthermore, the shaver can be charged via USB and features a rechargeable battery. 

Thus, your LEAWER fabric shavers won’t run out of batteries during your trip. Additionally, the container can be easily detachable and emptied.

Price at time of publishing: $19

Product Details:

Dimensions: 5.39 x 3.19 x 2.87 inches

Weight: 7 ounces

Number of Settings: 2 speed settings

Shaving Surface Size: 2.5 inches

Batteries Required: 2 AAA (included)


  • Small handle
  • Runs up to 50 minutes
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Best for travelers
  • Easily detachable & emptied


  • Requires frequent emptying

6. Best For Lint: Pritech Fabric Shaver Lint Remover

When lint has overtaken your fabrics, it’s time to invest in effective Pritech Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover. Therefore, say goodbye to the lint roller. The Pritech Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover is the best choice for the job. Everything from fuzz and lint to pet hair is sucked up. 

There is a rechargeable battery. Hence, there is no need to buy batteries, and it features a 5-watt motor and stainless steel blades to ensure optimal shaving & lint removal results. This elastic blade allows you to choose from 3 hole sizes, allowing you to customize it to fit your fabric. 

Additionally, it features a large vane fan that creates a powerful vacuum to remove lint efficiently. Aside from that, you can remove and replace the magnetic cover in seconds, compared with competitor brands, which take more time to unwind and retwist.

Price at time of publishing: $30

Product Details:

Dimensions: 6.89 x 4.72 x 3.15 inches

Weight: 9.5 ounces

Number of Settings: 3 hole sizes

Shaving Surface Size: 3 inches

Batteries Required: 1 rechargeable lithium battery (included)


  • Ergonomic handle
  • Works on pet hair
  • Magnetic for easy cleaning
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Remove lint efficiently


  • Some noted charging trouble

7. Best Splurge Fabric Shaver: Steamery Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver

When it comes to shaving clothes, delicate materials like cashmere, wool, & chunky knits can be difficult to wear. Therefore, when you own the Steamery Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver, you won’t have to worry about anything. A USB charge is required for this fabric shaver, which can run for up to 1 hour after being charged.

Despite its small size, this lightweight fabric shaver is capable of handling even tricky fabrics. The razor is worth splurging on if you shave delicate clothing frequently. Despite its small size, this machine is quite powerful and can be used for most types of knitwear.

Additionally, there is a brush included for cleaning the shaving surface and the lint container. This fabric shaver has a small container that frequently needs to be emptied. However, it’s essential for anyone who wants to keep handcrafted sweaters & expensive knits in good condition.

Price at time of publishing: $65

Product Details:

Dimensions: 2.6 x 2.6 x 3.7 inches

Type: USB rechargeable

Surface Size: 2 inches

Number of Settings: 1


  • Work widely
  • Can handle tricky fabrics
  • Best on delicate clothing
  • Quite powerful
  • Lightweight


  • Not Affordable 

8. Best For Cashmere: Nori Trim

Cashmere garments are famous for their velvety soft texture, ultra-luxurious warmth, and expensive price tag. By using the Nori Trim, your cashmere will remain as smooth and fresh as it was when you bought it. The problem is that this delicate material pills easily. Which may limit your use of cashmere sweaters and scarves as much as you would like. 

A small yet powerful fabric shaver with 6 precision blades. These products quickly and gently reduce lint, pilling, & a wide range of imperfections from cashmere and other fabrics. The sleek fabric shaver is charged via a USB-C cable, comes with a large lint collection compartment, and comes with a 2.5-inch shaving head. 

If you wish to achieve the best results when washing delicate fabrics, for example, cashmere & wool, make sure that the garment is laid flat before washing. After that, gently glide the shaver along the skin in small circles or sweeps without exerting too much force.

Price at time of publishing: $59

Product Details:

Dimensions: ‎7.5 x 10 x 18 inches

Type: USB-C rechargeable

Surface Size: 2.5 inches

Number of Settings: 1


  • Velvety soft texture
  • Ultra-luxurious warmth
  • Smooth and fresh
  • Small yet powerful
  • Reduce lint, pilling, & dust


  • Expensive & pills easily

9. Best Fabric Shaver Comb: Comfy Clothiers Sweater Shaver & Cashmere Comb Combo Pack

In case you’re still wondering whether to use an electric fabric shaver for de-pilling delicate clothing items, a comb may be the better option. Because it comes with two combs, Comfy Clothiers Sweater Shaver & Cashmere Comb Combo Pack is one of the people’s favorites. There is a model for cashmere, & a model for sweaters of all types, which effectively removes fuzziness, pilling, & lint. 

Combs for cashmere and sweaters have brass brushes for delicately removing pilling, whereas combs for sweaters have mesh brushes. Despite taking a little longer, you can control how much pressure you apply when you shave fabric with a comb manually. 

However, to get the best results from both combs, make sure they are held at a 90-degree angle, and then work along the knit direction. Keep your comb clean by removing all lint & fuzz after each use in order to prevent any catching or pulling.

Price at time of publishing: $16

Product Details:

Dimensions: 3 x 1.75 inches

Type: Comb

Surface Size: 3 inches

Number of Settings: N/A


  • Best all types of sweaters
  • Ideal for large fabrics
  • Effectively removes fuzziness, pilling, & lint
  • Prevent any catching or pulling
  • Comes with pack


  • Not suitable small job

10. Best Large Fabric Shaver: Mansttlin Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover

No matter what size of fabric you are shaving or what you are de-piling on your couch, a heavy-duty fabric shaver is essential. Hence, we appreciate the Mansttlin Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover. With dual heads, a much larger area can be covered with greater precision, resulting in faster trimming in general. With this shaver, you can adjust the speed, so you can use it with delicate fabrics or upholstery.

Fortunately, you can choose from three colors, and it can run for over an hour on a single charge. The fabric shaver also comes with two additional blades, a brush pad for removing fuzz and lint, a USB charger, and a brush for cleaning the shaver.

No products found.

Price at time of publishing: $40

Product Details:

Dimensions: 4 x 2 x 3 inches

Type: USB rechargeable

Surface Size: 4 inches

Number of Settings: 3


  • Dual-head fabric shaver
  • Designed for heavy-duty
  • Precision-covered
  • Trimming more quickly
  • Adjustable speed


  • Not travel-sized fabric shaver

11. Alwayslux EasyLint Professional Sweater Shaver

Alwayslux EasyLint Professional Lint Fuzz Remover comes in a handy carrying case that includes additional blades, an AC adapter, and a fabric shaver. With this fabric shaver, you can use either the AC adapter or the battery, which is why it works so well on furniture. 

In addition, it is powered by 4 C batteries. Basically, batteries are excellent for areas that are beyond the reach of a 69-inch cord, but large sofas will benefit from consistent power from the cord.

In this shaver, lint is collected in a very large lint collector, which prevents the shaver from having to be washed as often. It also comes with replacement blades for its about 3-inch head to help maintain its sharpness, with an ergonomic handle to make it comfortable to use.

Price at time of publishing: $29.99

Product Details:

Dimensions: 11.5 x 7 x 4 inches

Handle Material: Plastic

Operation Mode: Automatic

Type: Electric

Shaving Head: 3 inches

Weight: 1.48 pounds


  • 2 power modes
  • Blade replacement included
  • Extra-large dust collector
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Storage case included


  • Heavier options

12. Best Fabric Comb: McGowan Sweater Comb II

If you are concerned about destroying delicate fabrics by using an electric shaver, this comb can be an effective and simple solution. McGowan Sweater Comb II can remove fuzz balls without stretching the fabric or pulling it. 

Due to its fineness, it complements fine fabrics such as cashmere and merino wool. Furthermore, McGowan Sweater Comb II is compact, lightweight, and convenient to carry around in a desk drawer and suitcase.

Price at time of publishing: $10.95

Product Details:

Dimensions: 2.95 x 1.62 x 0.12 inches

Type: Manual

Head witch: 4 inches

Handle Material: Plastic

Operation Mode: Automatic

Power source N/A


  • No nicking of delicate fabrics
  • Battery-free and outlet-free
  • Compact & portable
  • Lightweight
  • Effective and simple


  • Removes pills more slowly

Maintenance & Care Tips For Couch Fabrics

Regular Use of Fabric Shavers

  • Incorporate the best fabric shaver for the couch into your routine to regularly remove lint and pills, preventing them from accumulating on the fabric.
  • Consistent use of the fabric shaver helps maintain the couch’s appearance and prevents the formation of unsightly fuzz.
  • To ensure the longevity of your couch fabrics, implementing the regular use of the best fabric shaver for the couch is essential for effective maintenance.

Cleaning & Storing Fabric Shavers Properly

  • Periodically clean the blades of the fabric shaver to remove any accumulated lint or debris.
  • If the fabric shaver has a lint collection container, empty it regularly to maintain optimal performance.
  • Store the fabric shaver in a dry place, protecting it from moisture to prevent damage.
  • The best fabric shaver for couch maintenance requires proper care. Regular cleaning and appropriate storage contribute to the shaver’s longevity and effectiveness.

Other Tips For Extending The Life Of Couch Fabrics

  • Protect your couch from direct sunlight to prevent fading and deterioration of fabric fibers.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner with an upholstery attachment to remove dust and debris from the couch.
  • Rotate and flip cushions regularly to ensure even wear and tear.
  • In addition to using the best fabric shaver for couch care, incorporating these tips into your routine contributes to extending the life of your couch fabrics.

However, users seeking guidance on extending the life of their couch fabrics will find valuable information on incorporating fabric shavers into their routine and adopting additional measures for optimal maintenance. I hope you can find your desired couch fabric shaver here.

What To Look For In A Fabric Shaver [Buyers Guides]

Setting Options

A fabric shaver offers a variety of settings, so it’s important to select the right one before de-pilling your fabric. Usually, you can select a depth setting according to the fabric to avoid accidentally shaving too much off. Additionally, you can choose the hole size and speed size of the shaver. Fabrics with delicate textures will require slower settings with smaller holes, in contrast to bulkier fabrics. Check your shaver’s packaging for instructions & other details prior to selecting your settings.

Battery Requirements

Despite the fact that fabric shavers often require batteries, they are not always included in your purchase. Make sure your packaging contains any batteries, rechargeable batteries, and components for charging. The advantage of a manual fabric shaver is that it requires no electricity or batteries. It is possible to adjust the speed of the shaver, lengthen or shorten strokes across the fabric, or even change direction while using either an electric or manual shaver.


In order to choose the right fabric shaver, take into account the type of fabric you need to be able to handle. A fabric shaver’s size will also depend on its intended use, and some models are small and designed for travel. A variety of fabric shavers are also available, and some can be used for virtually any fabric, while some are only suitable for certain materials, such as cashmere, wool, and more.


The types of fabric shavers include manual (such as brushes or combs), electric, battery-operated, and combinations thereof. In order to make your couch look new again, a long-power corded fabric shaver will be your best bet. You won’t have to worry about running out of batteries. Fabric shavers powered by batteries are very portable and ideal for travel, but manual shavers work best on delicate fabrics due to their easy control.

Safety Features

Fabric shavers often come with safety features, including safety locks & protective covers, to prevent you from getting injured. Since most fabric shavers contain some kind of blade, you should pay attention to your safety. Ensure that the shaver has safety features that are appealing to you, in particular, if it will be used by inexperienced users.


To make your couch shaver travel-friendly, look for features that make it easy to travel with. Shaver’s should be lightweight (the lighter, the better). Having a small handle that can easily be tucked inside the device, (or even without a handle), as well as its compact size makes this an excellent travel device. When choosing a fabric shaver, keep these factors in mind before you leave town, especially if you are going to be away for a long period of time.

Questions You Might Ask [FAQs]

01. How do you use a fabric shaver?

Answer: Start by practicing on a small portion first, and then, when you feel comfortable, work your way up to the whole garment. Maintain flatness by repositioning the fabric at every stage. A gentle, one-direction stroke is typically the most effective, so complete the de-pilling process before putting clothes in the washing machine.

02. How do you clean a fabric shaver?

Answer: Each fabric shaver requires a different cleaning method. There is usually a pop-off lid, so you can simply throw away the fuzz. There are some that come equipped with small brushes for removing hair from the coils of the shaver. Alternatively, you can clean your shaver using an old toothbrush. Be sure to check the instructions and guidelines on your shaver before cleaning it.

03. Can a fabric shaver remove pet hair?

Answer: Yes, some can, while others cannot. Due to pet hair’s thinness, some fabric shavers have difficulty picking it up. Ensure that, before making a purchase, the fabric shaver you choose fulfills your needs.

04. Can you use a fabric shaver on cashmere?

Answer: Cashmere can be shaved with some fabric shavers. If you plan to purchase, ensure the shaver is safe for your clothing by reading the packaging carefully. Among all fabrics, cashmere is one of the softest, most sensitive, & most expensive materials. Thus, proper maintenance & care are essential to keep them in top condition. Cashmere-specific settings are available on some fabric shavers, whereas others have cashmere-specific settings.

05. What’s most important in choosing a fabric shaver?

Answer: In many opinions, comfort is key. Whenever you plan on using your fabric shaver frequently or over a long period, select one that’s comfortable to hold and won’t feel heavy. With some fabrics requiring more pressure, a heavy shaver or odd-shaped tool will be less enjoyable to use.

06. What can you use a fabric shaver on besides clothes?

Answer: With a fabric shaver, you can revive a variety of household goods and fabrics, such as upholstery, bedding, & curtains. In addition to being fabric shavers for scarves, pillows, & throw blankets, they can also be used to clean car seats & rugs.

07. Can fabric shavers damage your clothing?

Answer: A fabric shaver can cause damage to your clothing depending on how you use it. As an example, being careful not to apply excessive pressure, keeping your fabric flat, and doing it slowly can minimize the risk of tearing or snagging.

08. How do I get fuzzies off my couch?

Answer: It’s best to invest in a battery-powered pill shaver so you can get rid of all the pills & fuzz. Fabric shavers are incredibly easy to operate. The device simply needs to be rubbed over the couch in back-and-forth motions, removing all the fuzz and pilling.

09. How do you get pilling out of a fabric couch?

Answer: To eliminate the pills effectively and quickly, use a new and sharp razor and be sure to buy one without any moisture and soap strips. Use short strokes to gently shave along the fibers. Keep the razor clear by tapping regularly to sweep away built-up pills.

10. Are fabric shavers damaging?

Answer: Various fabrics can be treated with them, such as wool, cotton, & synthetic materials. A fabric shaver that is electric works very well. Their ability to remove fuzz, lint, and pilling from clothing is quick and easy. In addition, they are extremely soft on fabric, so delicate clothing won’t be damaged.

11. Is shaving foam good for cleaning sofas?

Answer: Place a healthy amount of foam on the stain, let it sit for about 15 minutes, wipe it clean with a wet cloth, and allow it to dry. Your stain should be lifted away, leaving a fresh-than-fresh sofa for you to fall in love with again.

12. How long does to leave shaving foam on the sofa?

Answer: If the marks are tough, let it sit on the couch for at least 20 minutes to about an hour. Wipe away any foam with a damp cloth, making sure to scrub stubborn stains away every time. As soon as the foam is completely removed, let it air dry overnight.

Final Verdict

You obviously read our 12 best fabric shaver for couch. In our opinion, the best fabric shaver is the BEAUTURAL Fabric Shaver and Lint Remover for its longevity, adjustability, & effectiveness with a wide variety of fabrics. Instead, if you are looking for a non-electric couch shaver for clothing or upholstery, you should check out the Gleener Fabric Shaver & Lint Brush.” For an even more budget-friendly option, check out the Conair Fabric Shaver.” This model comes with 3 depth settings & has an attached lint catcher. Finally, the choice is yours now.