Guardsman Fabric Protector Vs Scotchgard: Debaded & Winner?

guardsman fabric protector vs scotchgard

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Both Guardsman and Scotchgard offer excellent protection against spills, stains, and dirt. They provide a protective barrier for a variety of fabrics, including clothing, furniture, carpets, and more, keeping them clean & fresh longer. 

Although Guardsman Fabric Protector and Scotchgard perform a similar purpose, they differ in formulation, effectiveness, application, and reputation. Do you need help choosing between Guardsman Fabric Protector vs Scotchgard? How to choose your best one?

During this discussion, we will discuss each product’s features & benefits as well. By doing so, you’ll be able to decide which fabric protector is best suited to your particular needs. Well, let’s go below.

Guardsman Fabric Protector Vs Scotchgard: Comparison Chart

The two most lauded fabric protector brands are Scotchgard and Guardsman. While some people can easily go either way, a lot of us like to know which product can protect our beloved clothes and furniture the best. So, below is a comparison of the two for anyone who’s on the fence about which to use.

AspectGuardsman Fabric ProtectorScotchgard
Established:1915 1956
Brand Reputation:Well-known brand in the furniture industryWell-established brand in the market
Specialty:Furniture repair, maintenance and fabric protectorsFabric, stain and water protection products
Purpose:Protects fabric from stains and spillsProtects fabric from stains and spills
Coverage:Varies based on the productVaries based on the product
Suitable Fabrics:Various fabrics, including upholsteryVarious fabrics, including upholstery
Protection Durability:Long-lasting protectionLong-lasting protection
Odor:Minimal odor during applicationMinimal odor during application
Drying Time:Quick drying timeQuick drying time
Water Repellency:Provides water repellencyProvides water repellency
Stain Resistance:Helps repel and resist stainsHelps repel and resist stains
UV Protection:Some products offer UV protectionSome products offer UV protection
Ease of Use:Easy to applyEasy to apply
Cleaning After Treatment:Can be cleaned with Guardsman productsCan be cleaned with Scotchgard products
Price Range:Varies based on the product and sizeVaries based on the product and size

However, within the Guardsman and Scotchgard product lines, specific features and performance may vary. For detailed information on the particular variant you are considering, always refer to the product label and instructions.

Detailed Overview Of  Guardsman

  • Guardsman was founded 100 years ago and has been going strong ever since.
  • However, Guardsman originally provided furniture repair & maintenance services. Despite this, the company still repairs and maintains furniture.
  • They developed the Guardsman fabric protector because they needed it for their job.
  • However, you can now purchase their professional-grade protectors from popular third-party retailers.
  • At 1st glance, Guardsman and Scotchgard are similar. It’s a trustworthy, time-tested brand. Nevertheless, Guardsman specializes in furniture. Thus, furniture repair & maintenance has been their business since 1915. 
  • Therefore, Guardsman offers a whole lot more than just a spray you can grab quickly and easily. This fabric protector adds to the range of services they offer for care & repair of textiles.
  • In summary, they offer professional-grade fabric protectors, designed to protect high-end furniture, upholstery, carpeting, & other interior fabric.

Detailed Overview Of Scotchgard

  • Scotchgard is a well-known brand that produces a range of fabric protectors, including those for pet stains, carpets, curtains, and more.
  • The company also makes stain removal items that have received excellent reviews from consumers.
  • The Scotchgard brand belongs to the 3M company, which makes a wide range of household items. In 1952, Scotchgard’s formula was developed, but the product wasn’t released until 1956.
  • The Scotchgard brand has grown into one of the biggest fabric protector brands in the world since then.
  • Scotchgard is as common a name as Clorox and Styrofoam Fabric Protector
  • It is produced by 3M Company, a company that is renowned for its wide selection of household products that are both effective & reliable. 
  • The Scotchgard line of products covers all bases: clothing, shoes, carpeting, upholstery, & so on. 
  • With Scotchgard, you can rest assured that you’re getting a product that fulfills your basic needs.

What Type Of Fabric Products Does Guardsman Sell?

What Type Of  Fabric Products Does Scotchgard Sell?

Guardsman Fabric Protector Vs Scotchgard: What’s The Best?

Scotchgard is a well-known and reliable brand. When it comes to fabric protectors, Scotchgard likely has what you’re looking for. The brand is versatile, reliable, and dependable. 

Alternatively, Guardsman is a better choice if you’re seeking a professional fabric care brand. Guardsman even offers a Protection Plan that’s worth considering if you’re serious about maintaining your furniture.

Therefore, the best fabric protector depends on your particular needs and personal preferences. Finally, for quick and easy grabs, choose Scotchgard. Whether you’re looking for something more specialized, Guardsman will meet your needs.


01. Scotchgard Fabric Protector vs Water Shield: What Is the Difference?

Answer: Unlike other fabric protectors, Scotchgard provides more effective protection from food stains, pet stains, grease, mud, & even blood stains. Water Shield, on the other hand, only protects against stains that are water-based.

02. Guardsman Vs Scotchgard: Which Has a Better Product Range?

Answer: According to your needs, it varies. In terms of industry-grade protection, Guardsman offers the best products. If you are just looking for casual, everyday protection, Scotchgard might be the right choice for you.

03. Guardsman or Scotchgard: Which Brand Has The Safer Products?

Answer: Scotchgard products have been associated with environmental controversy in the past. There has been no accusation of such behavior against Guardsman.

04. What is the best protection for cloth furniture?

Answer: Quick-Drying: “Scotchgard Fabric And Upholstery Protector”. Scotchgard fabric and upholstery protector protects your delicate fabrics from nasty spills. You can use it on shirts, suits, silks, canvas, linens, sofas, ottomans, & more.

05. Has Scotchgard been discontinued?

Answer: Actually No. However, they changed their formula to make it safer for the environment.

06. Is Guardsman Fabric Protector Toxic?

Answer: It’s not true. Guardsmen have not been found to include dangerous toxins in any of their formulas.

07. Is there anything better than Scotchgard?

Answer: Vectra is a green protectant made with gentler ingredients, similar to Scotchgard but more gentle. Users say it’s the best choice for green furniture protection because it’s fluorocarbon free, silicone free, and safe on suede, microfiber, and leather.

08. Guardsman vs Scotchgard: Which Company Is Better?

Answer: In order to obtain safer products with industry-level fabric protection, Guardsman is better. However, for a wider range of fabric protectors & more affordable price points, you might prefer Scotchgard.

09. Does Scotchgard work on all fabrics?

Answer: Generally, ScotchgardTM Fabric – Water Shield is suitable for cotton, silk, wool, polyester, nylon, acrylic, and a variety of other washable fabrics. Avoid using it on fabric with an “X” code (either fabric that can’t be cleaned with water or solvents).

10. How long does a guardsman last?

Answer: Guardsman Protection Plans offer furniture insurance. The warranty covers accidental stains & damage to your new furniture for 5 years.

Words Of Wisdom

Finally, several fabric protection products are available from Guardsman and Scotchgard. Despite their well-established status, both Guardsman fabric protector Vs Scotchgard brands offer excellent fabric protection. It is important to select the right fabric protector for your fabric type. Generally, Scotchgard and Guardsman protect fabrics, including upholstery, but be sure to check compatibility.

Ultimately, the best fabric protector depends on your specific needs, the fabric you want to protect, & your budget. To make an informed decision, you may want to read customer reviews, seek recommendations, or consult with fabric experts.