303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard: Who Wins & How?

303 fabric guard vs scotchgard

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In particular, water, soda, coffee, and food coloring can discolor upholstery or carpets covered in fabric. Therefore, users are interested in how to choose a product to protect their fabrics.

Currently, in the marketplace, fabric protection products are divided into 2 types: 303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard. Hence, buyers around the world have given these products very positive reviews.

Even so, each has a specific purpose and significant differences. What is the best product to protect the fabric? Throughout this article, we’ll analyze it in depth. Let’s go below.

303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard Fabric Protector: Comparison Chart

303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard Fabric Protector

The following comparison chart highlights the main features and differences between 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard fabric protectors. Well, let’s see:

Feature303 Fabric GuardScotchgard Fabric Protector
Protection:Protects against stains & UV damageProtects against stains, water, & oil-based spills
Water Repellency:YesYes
Stain Resistance:YesYes
UV Protection:YesNot specified
Recommended Surfaces:Outdoor fabrics, upholstery, carpets, etcUpholstery, carpets, clothing, and more
Application Method:SpraySpray or liquid application
Drying Time:Typically within 6-12 hoursTypically within 2-4 hours
Coverage:Varies based on surface & applicationVaries based on surface & application
Odor:Mild odorMild odor
Environmental Friendly:Biodegradable & non-toxicContains some potentially harmful chemicals
Price:Check on AmazonCheck on Amazon

303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard: In-Depth Overviews

In order to understand a brief overview of these two specialized fabric guard product lines, it is essential to understand how 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard work deeply. Well, let’s dig deeper into the details.

303 Fabric Guard: What Is It?

303 Fabric Guard
  • When the 303 Fabric Guard first became popular for protecting fabrics in car interiors, it was often used for protecting fabrics in outdoor furniture as well.
  • Fabric Guard 303 is an exclusive fabric protector that provides the most effective protection from water as well as other liquids including soft drinks, soda, coffee, or dyes.
  • Fabric Guard 303 has established itself as one of the most effective fabric protectors on the market for repelling water & other liquids. 
  • Particularly, it is safe to use on many fabrics & repels many contaminants.

Scotchgard Fabric Protector: What Is It?

  • Scotchgard is among the oldest fabric protectors in the world, having been manufactured by 3M Corporation for over 70 years.
  • In addition to providing a protective layer, Scotchgard is also a fabric surfactant.
  • Invisible barriers help prevent dirt and debris from adhering to cars’ fabrics without having to be washed off. 
  • This will prevent permanent stains on fabrics caused by dirt.
  • In addition to being a versatile product, Scotchgard can be used on a variety of surfaces, including car seats, upholstery, carpets, and almost any upholstery material.

Who Is 303 Fabric Guard Suitable For?

Scotchgard Fabric Protector
  • 303 Marine Aerospace Protectant Fabric Guard has outstanding advantage is that the fabric is protected for an optimal period of time, approximately 3 years. 
  • In this case, if you are living in areas with heavy rains or winters with extreme temperatures, 303 Fabric Guard is a good choice.
  • You can protect your fabric from wet weather for longer and save money on laundry and drying costs. 
  • Most importantly, thanks to its best formula that protects fabric so well. 
  • Water, stains, and contaminants will be resistant to your car seats and carpets for up to three years.
  • Additionally, it protects fabrics against liquids such as dyes, paints, and beverages like coffee & soda.

Who Is Scotchgard Suitable For?

  • Due to its short lifespan, Scotchgard Outdoor Water & Sun Shield Fabric Spray is ideal for families with small children or those who spill water frequently. 
  • Scotchgard is very easy to apply, dries quickly, and does not take long to dry. 
  • It also removes stains very quickly.
  • Furthermore, it can also be used by people who love changing their interior’s look, for instance, changing the upholstery fabric or carpeting. 
  • In addition to its high applicability, convenient replacement, and quick drying, it is also very cost-effective.

303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard: Similarities

Similarities of 303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard

Both 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard provide fabric protection, making them similar to each other. Here are some of their similarities:

  • A maximum level of protection against liquids, soils, & contaminants staining the fabric.
  • Spilled liquids and stains are easily cleaned when dropped on fabric.
  • Protect fabric to keep it looking like new & clean, reduce cleaning time.
  • There are no side effects from using it on fabrics or on adults, children, or pets.
  • Both make it simpler to vacuum car seats & carpets because they have a waterproof layer that prevents dirt.
  • Both ensure that the fabric’s appearance and color remain the same.
  • Highly applicable, simple to apply, and useful on a regular basis.
  • Feature-wise and benefit-wise, they are similar in price and benefits.

303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard: Differences

Differences of 303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard

They are both used for protecting fabrics in many similar ways. However, each audience still has some significant differences. Scotchgard fabric protector and 303 Fabric Guard differ primarily in the following ways:

  • In both products, fabric durability is a key feature. 303 fabric guard provides up to three years of protection in extreme conditions with its high-tech fabric guard. In contrast, Scotchgard is a silicone fabric protector that protects for only a few months. 
  • Aside from being waterproof, 303 Fabric Guard protects fabrics from UV rays, dirt, decay, & fading more effectively than Scotchgard. However, Scotchgard fabric protector does not specify UV protection.
  • Scotchgard is renowned for its ease of application and gets rave reviews about how quick and simple it is. Anyone can easily use this product at home since it comes with detailed instructions for use. Also, Scotchgard dries quite quickly, unlike 303 Fabric Guard.
  • 303 Fabric Guard is known to be biodegradable and non-toxic, making it more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, Scotchgard fabric protector contains some potentially harmful chemicals.

303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard: Which Is The Best Fabric Protector?

In addition to being both popular fabric protection products, 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard have slightly different properties. Here are a few factors to consider before purchasing:

  • 303 Fabric Guard is a water-repellent and stain-resistant spray designed to provide protection for various fabrics, including outdoor fabrics, upholstery, and carpets. It prevents stains and repels liquids, including water, oil, and other common spills. It is commonly used on outdoor furniture, boat covers, and awnings. 303 Fabric Guard is known for its UV protection, which helps prevent color fading and degradation caused by sunlight exposure. It is also non-toxic and safe to use on a wide range of fabrics.
  • Scotchgard, on the other hand, is a brand of fabric protector that offers similar benefits. It creates a protective barrier on fabrics, making them resistant to liquid spills, stains, and soil. Scotchgard is widely used on upholstery, carpets, clothing, and other fabric surfaces. It provides an invisible shield that repels liquids and makes it easier to clean up spills before they become stains.

Ultimately, both 303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard are reputable fabric protectors, and the most suitable one for you depends on your specific needs and preferences. It’s a wise idea to read product reviews, compare their features, and consider any specific recommendations or guidelines provided by the manufacturers before making a decision.


01. How long does 303 Fabric Guard last?

Answer: 303 Fabric Guard can last up to 3 years when properly applied. Every few months, gently mist your outdoor fabric with clean water to check whether it needs to be retreated. Water should bead up and run off, but the fabric does not get damaged.

02. Is Scotchgard safe for all fabrics?

Answer: In general, Scotchgard fabric water shields are suitable for cotton, acrylic, nylon, polyester, wool, silk, and other fabric that can be washed. Avoid using on “X” coded fabrics (fabrics that cannot be cleaned using water or solvents).

03. Is 303 Protectant suitable for fabric?

Answer: It is only 303 Fabric Guard that is recommended by Sunbrella, along with many other fabric manufacturers, for recovering lost water & stain resistance. Besides protecting fabrics from soiling, it also protects against water-based & oil-based stains, which makes it safe for use on even the most delicate of fabrics.

04. Whenever should Scotchgard Fabric and Upholstery Protector be reapplied? 

Answer: Whenever you clean upholstery or similarly-textured fabrics with a professional or water extraction method, reapply Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield after every 6 months. Launderable fabrics should be reapplied with Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield each time they are washed or dry cleaned.

05. Does Scotchgard make fabric waterproof?

Answer: Scotchgard Fabric Water Shield keeps your clothes looking great for longer. With this spray, you can waterproof fabric furniture, outerwear, & more for long-lasting protection. When used as directed, the spray will not affect the fabric’s feel and breathability.

06. How long does 303 Fabric Guard take to cure?

Answer: Cure times vary by fabric and temperature but are usually 12-24 hours. It may be necessary to reapply depending on the amount of sunlight and the weather. Overspray should not be applied to wood finishes, plastics, vinyl, or metals. It is important to wipe up any overspray immediately with an absorbent dry cloth.

07. How long does Scotchgard take to dry?

Answer: With a temperature of 21°C and 50% humidity, the fabric will dry overnight. However, check to make sure treated surfaces are safe before using them again. At colder or more humid temperatures, your surfaces might take more time to dry.

08. Is 303 Fabric Guard UV resistant?

Answer: UV protection is not provided directly by 303 Fabric Guard. Actually, water repellency and stain resistance are added to outdoor fabrics to protect their UV resistance. By doing this, you will be able to extend the fabric’s life.

Let’s Wrap It Up

303 Fabric Guard and Scotchgard are 2 of the most popular fabric, carpet, and upholstery protection products available today. In addition, they are affordable & easy to use, which will save time and prevent fabric damage.

303 Fabric Guard Vs Scotchgard: what to pick and what to avoid? However, to choose the product that best suits your living area, you need to consider your aesthetic needs. They’re both good at protecting fabrics and have their own strengths. When you’re deciding, consider these things:

  • Protection Focus
  • Stain and Spill Protection
  • Application Method
  • Drying Time
  • Environmental Considerations

Ultimately, the “winner” depends on what you need and what matters most to you. If you’re unsure what you need, you should evaluate your needs and weigh the pros and cons of each product.