The Game Of Fiskars Vs Gingher: Which Scissor Wins?

fiskars vs gingher

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Sewers must decide whether to cut or not to cut & which scissors to use. Basically, sharp blades are critical regardless of the scissors brand you use.

Fiskars Vs Gingher: which one scissors better than the others? Comparing Fiskars scissors and Ginghers scissors is tricky since Fiskars owns Ginghers and produces both brands. Both brands should offer the same level of construction quality. Fiskars may not be producing pinking shears like Ginher, which further complicates the comparison. Also, there are differences in quality control requirements between the two brands. In our experience, old Ginghers are more popular than Fiskars. 

You choose the brand that suits your hand best. Just keep reading our article to find out which brand many sewers prefer between Fiskars vs Gingher. It seeks out information and allows you to decide which scissors brand is right for you.

Fiskars Vs Gingher: Briefly Comparison Table

This comparison chart highlights some key differences between Fiskars and Gingher, two popular scissors brands. Let’s see some brief overviews:

Blade Material:Stainless SteelStainless Steel
Blade Sharpness:Durable & holds an edge wellExceptionally sharp & maintains sharpness
Blade Design:Precision-ground & beveledPrecision-ground & handcrafted
Handle Design:Ergonomic handles for comfortContoured handles for comfort
Handle Material:Plastic or rubberized gripsDurable double-plated chrome finish
Cutting Mechanism:Spring-assisted or manual opening & closingManual opening & closing
Scissor Types:Wide range, including general purpose, sewing, crafting, & morePrimarily focused on sewing & embroidery scissors
Price Range:Mid-range to affordableMid-range to high-end
Brand Reputation:Established & widely recognizedEstablished and renowned in the sewing & embroidery industry
Warranty:Lifetime warranty on many modelsLifetime warranty on most models

Basically, depending on the model and product line within each brand, specific product applications and features may vary. It’s always a good idea to review individual product specifications and customer reviews when making a purchasing decision.

Fiskars Vs Gingher Scissors: In-Depth Analysis

Fiskars Vs Gingher Scissors

Do you really want to know what to pick between Fiskars Vs Gingher? Let’s delve into an in-depth discussion comparing Fiskars and Gingher scissors:

Blade Material & Sharpness

Both Fiskars and Gingher scissors use high-quality stainless steel blades, known for their durability and corrosion resistance. Fiskars Original Orange Handled Scissors are known for their durability and ability to hold an edge well, ensuring long-lasting sharpness.

Gingher Dressmaker’s Fabric Scissors, on the other hand, are renowned for exceptional sharpness right out of the box and their ability to maintain that sharpness over time. They are often preferred by sewers and embroiderers who work with intricate fabrics and threads.

Blade Design

Fiskars scissors feature precision-ground blades with beveled edges. This design allows for precise cutting and reduces friction, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. This includes general purpose, sewing, and crafting.

Gingher scissors also have precision-ground blades, but what sets them apart is that they are handcrafted. The meticulous craftsmanship ensures consistent quality and razor-sharp cutting performance. Gingher is particularly recognized for their sewing and embroidery scissors, which have a fine, pointed tip for intricate work.

Handle Design & Material

Fiskars Student Left-handed Glitter Scissors typically have ergonomic handles designed for comfort during extended use. They often feature plastic or rubberized grips, providing a secure and comfortable grip.

Gingher scissors have contoured handles that fit well in the hand, reducing hand fatigue. The handles are known for their durability and feature a double-plated chrome finish, adding an elegant touch to the design.

Cutting Mechanism

Fiskars scissors offers a variety of scissors with different cutting mechanisms. Some models feature spring-assisted opening and closing, making them easier to use for individuals with hand strength or mobility issues. Other models have a manual opening and closing mechanism.

Gingher scissors have a manual opening and closing mechanism. They rely on the user’s hand strength for operation, providing precise control over the cutting process.

Scissor Types & Applications

Fiskars offers a wide range of scissors, including general-purpose scissors for everyday tasks. This sewing scissors also for fabric cutting, crafting scissors for various crafting projects, and specialty scissors for specific applications. They cater to a diverse range of users and applications.

Gingher has a strong focus on sewing and embroidery scissors. Their scissors are specifically designed for fabric cutting, thread snipping, and intricate needlework. Gingher is highly regarded among sewing and embroidery enthusiasts for their precise cutting capabilities.

Price Range & Warranty

Fiskars scissors are generally priced in the mid-range to affordable category, offering excellent value for the price. Many Fiskars scissors come with a lifetime warranty, demonstrating the brand’s confidence in their product quality.

Gingher scissors tend to be priced in the mid-range to high-end category. They are considered a premium brand in the sewing and embroidery industry. Most Gingher scissors also come with a lifetime warranty, reflecting their commitment to craftsmanship and customer satisfaction.

In summary, both Fiskars and Gingher offer high-quality scissors with their own distinct features and advantages. Fiskars excels in durability and versatility, catering to a broad range of applications, while Gingher is renowned for exceptional sharpness, handcrafted quality, and specialization in sewing and embroidery scissors. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your specific needs, preferences, and the type of cutting tasks you’ll be undertaking.

Sewing Scissors: What Is The Best Brand?

What Is The Best Sewing Scissors Brand

There are 5 big scissors brands: Fiskars, Ginghers, Singer, Westcott and Kai. However, that doesn’t mean they’re all-purpose or the most reliable scissors. In addition to these 5 companies, some smaller outfits might manufacture better scissors.

Actually, it should be 2 companies since Ginghers scissors was no longer Ginghers, but a Fiskars unit, unless they were resold. As a result of our research, it appears that out of the 5 major brands in this comparison, Kai is preferred by the majority.

In reality, this decision doesn’t apply to every scissor model from every company. In a head-to-head comparison, some of the Singer scissor models from other companies will top some of Kai’s.

Westcott scissors are also perfect for all your at-home and in-office needs. These all-purpose paper scissors can also be used as fabric, craft, scrapbook, classroom, and more.

Fiskars Scissors: Where Are They Made?

Fiskars Scissors

Since almost 400 years, the company has operated from Finland. Over the centuries, it has undergone many changes, among them creating scissors with orange handles.

Original scissors were manufactured in Finland; however, the company established an American factory in 1977. Most likely, you bought your orange scissors in the US from an American manufacturer.

An orange handle was accidentally added because the scissors came in 3 colors originally, black, green, and red. After a vote, the orange color was officially trademarked in Finland in 2003 and in the United States in 2007.

Gingher Shears: Where Are They Made?

Gingher Shears

Some sewing fans may not know that Gingher was purchased a few years ago. Prior to that buyout, they claimed to manufacture their scissors in Brazil, Italy, and Germany. However, since the buyout, they now manufacture their scissors in Taiwan and Italy.

Gingher was bought by Fiskars, which changed the Gingher scissors slightly. The all-metal pair will be made in Italy, along with two other weights.

Taiwan is the country that makes all the other scissors. On every pair of scissors, a stamp from the country of origin should be present to identify the country of origin. In addition to its US office, the company also maintains an 800 number.

Are Fiskars Scissors Sharpenable?

Are Fiskars Scissors Sharpenable

Apparently, they can. In spite of the fact that the company’s scissors are made of carbon stainless steel and coated with titanium. Then, there is a possibility for the blades to become dull over time and have lots of use.

It should be possible to sharpen Fiskars scissors, but you’ll need the right sharpening tools. The flat file is capable of sharpening just about anything with a blade. Scabbards are no exception.

Some of their scissors may not require sharpening due to the titanium coating on them. If you want to sharpen scissors from a specific company without damaging their edge, ask your dealer how to do it.

Are Gingher Scissors Sharpenable?

Are Gingher Scissors Sharpenable

Yes, that’s possible. In fact, the American headquarters offers sharpening services to all Gingher’s customers. However, they only offer that service for Gingher brand scissors. Additionally, the company can repair your scissors free of charge.

You will have to pay $12 per pair of scissors according to their website. Even though the company restores Gingher scissors to brand-new condition, the appearance is not altered.

If you do not want to wait 3 to 4 weeks for your scissors back, you can have them sharpened at a local knife shop or handyman. You will be able to get them done this way. It may be cheaper and faster to send them to the company than to pay the fee and wait.

Fiskars Vs Gingher Scissors: What Should I Buy?

Fiskars Scissors Vs Gingher Scissors

Fiskars scissors vs Gingher scissors: what’s the best between two? Which one offers the best value than others? Here are some factors to consider that may help you make a decision:

Factors-1: Consider the primary purpose for which you’ll be using the scissors. If you require general-purpose scissors for a variety of tasks beyond sewing and embroidery, Fiskars may be a better choice due to their versatility. On the other hand, if you primarily work with fabrics, threads, and intricate needlework, Gingher’s specialization in sewing and embroidery scissors may be more suitable.

Factors-2: If having exceptionally sharp scissors right out of the box and maintaining that sharpness over time is crucial to you, Gingher scissors are known for their outstanding cutting performance. Fiskars scissors, while durable and capable of holding an edge well, may require occasional sharpening to maintain optimal sharpness.

Factors-3: Consider the design and feel of the scissors in your hand. Fiskars often 

incorporates ergonomic handles and comfortable grips, providing a secure and comfortable cutting experience. Gingher scissors have contoured handles known for their comfort during extended use.

Factors-4: Evaluate your budget as Fiskars scissors generally fall into the mid-range to affordable category, offering excellent value for the price. Gingher scissors, on the other hand, are typically priced in the mid-range to high-end category, reflecting their premium craftsmanship and specialization.

Factors-5: Both Fiskars and Gingher offer lifetime warranties on many of their scissors, providing peace of mind regarding product quality and customer support.

Ultimately, determining the best scissors between Fiskars and Gingher ultimately depends on your specific needs, preferences, and tasks you will be performing. Try out scissors from both brands to see which ones feel most comfortable and which are best suited to your intended tasks after considering the factors above. To make an informed decision, read reviews of the scissors and ask others who have used them for recommendations.

What Is The Best Quality Scissors?

Choosing the right scissors can make or break your design. Well, let’s see the best quality scissor below.

  1. Gingher Scissors – Best Overall.
  2. Fiskars Scissors – Best for Fabric.
  3. Karen Kay Buckley Scissors – Most Comfortable Grip.
  4. Scotch Kids Scissors – Best for Kids.

What Is The Strongest Scissors?

  1. iBayam 8″ Ultra Sharp Scissors – Best Overall.
  2. Westcott 5″ Straight Craft Scissors – Sharpest Blade.
  3. LIVINGO 8″ Titanium Scissors – Most Durable.
  4. Beaditive High Precision Scissors Set – Most Compact.
  5. Scotch 6-Inches Precision Scissor – Best for Professionals.


01. Is Fiskars the same as Gingher?

Answer: Among the high-quality sewing cutting tools available is Gingher. These models offer the most traditional style when it comes to both design and performance. Unlike Fiskars, which offers a wide variety of styles for a wide range of purposes, Gingher’s selection is much more limited.

02. Do Fiskars Scissors Have a Lifetime Guarantee?

Answer: Yes, Fiskars products do have lifetime guarantees, but the guarantee applies only to the original purchaser of the scissors. Additionally, it does not cover sharpening, commercial use, normal wear & tear, environmental factors, and other conditions. As a result of the company’s fault, they’ll repair, replace, or swap your damaged scissors with others of the same type. 

Replacement parts are not available for all Fiskars products, including scissors. To find out which companies do this or not, you must contact them. The customer service page on their website provides you with the necessary instructions on how to apply for the warranty.

03. Are Gingher embroidery scissors worth it?

Answer: When you pick up Gingher scissors, you immediately notice the quality. Made from high-carbon cutlery steel, making them longer-lasting compared to cheaper scissors. Additionally, they glide open & close without any resistance and are so smooth as well.

04. Is Fiskars Scissors a Good Brand?

Answer: Obviously, Fiskars scissors are among the best on the market. The material is very strong and dependable, making these scissors durable for years to come. Carbon stainless steel and titanium coatings ensure that it won’t rust. 

Whether they work well is another criterion to determine their quality. Your project and their work should mesh well if they don’t. In that case, you have some good scissors in your hands. It’s all up to you to classify them. Although they are good, we aren’t sure whether they are the best.

05. Do You Need Special Scissors to Cut Fabric?

Answer: No, you don’t. A sharp pair of scissors should allow you to easily cut up some fabrics. However, different kinds of fabrics are available, and your standard scissors may simply not be able to handle them.

However, you should have scissors made for cutting tough fabrics. Fiskars Amplify fabric shears are one option because they can cut tougher fabrics than other scissors. Hence, if you need to cut the extra fabric off a hem, you might not want to use those Fiskars scissors.

06. What brands does Fiskars own?

Answer: Fiskers’ family of lifestyle brands includes Fiskars, Iittala, Gerber, Waterford, Royal Copenhagen, and Wedgwood as well. This famous company aims to make a positive, lasting impact on the quality of life. Fiskar’s products are sold in over 100 countries and they employ about 6,000 staff in 30 countries.

A Final Note

Fiskars Vs Gingher Scissors: which provides the best value finally? Actually, what’s better between Fiskars scissors and Gingher scissors is really up to you. How? In addition to sewing and embroidery, Fiskars scissors may be a better choice if you require general-purpose scissors. Conversely, Gingher may be more suitable if you mainly work with fabrics, threads, and intricate needlework.

Thus, with ergonomic handles and comfortable grips, Fiskars scissors provide a comfortable and secure cutting experience. For extended use, luckily gingher scissors have contoured handles.

Ultimately, the best scissors between Fiskars and Gingher will depend on your specific needs, preferences, and tasks. Lastly, consider the factors above and try out scissors from both brands to find out which ones feel comfortable and suit your intended use.