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Best Spray Paint For Fabric

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Using fabric spray paints, you can renew faded, old clothes in an easy, hassle-free way. To help you choose the right fabric spray paint, we’ve compiled a list of the best ones. 

Need the best Spray Paint For Fabric? Whether you plan to spray it, stencil it, or spritz it, these sprays will keep you covered. Basically, long-lasting, skin-safe paint comes in numerous colors. It is possible to transform drab fabrics into vibrant, colorful, & visually appealing ones by adding a little color. 

In general, some spray paint is suitable for indoor fabrics, while others are suitable for outdoor fabrics. Additionally, some fabrics are also intended for use as upholstery fabrics.

It can be tricky to pick the right fabric spray paint, particularly with so many options to select from. For your convenience, we have provided instructions on applying fabric spray paints. Thus, take a look at our 15 top list and make an informed decision.

Top 15 Best Spray Paint For Fabric

  1. Best Overall: Tulip Fabric Spray Paint- Multicolor
  2. Best Non-Yellowing Finish: Aleene’s Original Acrylic Sealer Gloss Finish
  3. Best For Clothes: Tulip Instant Spray Paint
  4. Best Fingerprint-Resistant: Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer
  5. Best For Automotive: Rust Oleum Upholstery Spray Paint
  6. Best Glow In The Dark: Deval Products Fabric Spray Paint
  7. Best Metallic Silver: Dupli Color Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint
  8. Best For Smooth Application: Krylon COLORmaxx Spray Paint And Primer- Gold
  9. Best Machine-Washable: Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color
  10. Best Easy-To-Use: Arteza Fabric Paint – G21 Phthalo Green
  11. Best Fast-Drying: Krylon Glitter Shimmer – Magical Multi-Color Finish
  12. Best Lead-Free: Montana Cans Hologram Glitter Effect Spray
  13. Best Glitter: Tulip Glitter Paint Spray
  14. Best With Reusable Stencils: Keff Fabric Puff Paint Kit
  15. Best Water-Based: Imagine Sheer Shimmer Craft Spray – Sparkle

Using Fabric Spray Paint: Tips For Success

In order to make your projects successful, you should follow these key points. Well, let’s check them out below.

  • Make sure the paint adheres to the fabric you’ve chosen by reading the instructions.
  • If the paint is a lighter shade than the fabric, you should use fabric spray paint on it.
  • The fabric should always be washed before painting, but avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets.
  • Prior to spray painting, iron the fabric to remove wrinkles.
  • Make sure the fabric is flat and smooth before spray painting it.
  • Before using the spray paint on the entire fabric, test it on a hidden, small area.
  • Choose simple colors and spray them randomly, or fold and twist to create a tie-dye effect.
  • Whenever you are spray painting a small area, you should cover the surrounding fabric.
  • To prevent color bleeding onto the back of the fabric, place some cardboard below it.
  • Allow the colors to dry for between 5 and 10 minutes after spraying them.
  • After spray painting the fabric, turn it inside out & iron lightly to make it permanent.

15 Best Spray Paint For Clothes

1. Tulip Fabric Spray Paint– Multicolor

The Tulip Fabric Spray Paint pack contains 6 cans, each of which comes in a different color, including red, yellow, purple, green, blue, and black.

This collection of colors is beautiful, permanent, & washable. Once these paints have dried, they are soft to the touch, and they are super easy to use. The finish they provide is flawless, with no drips and splatters.

This product is perfect for adding a splash of color or covering your face evenly all over. In addition, stencils and monograms work well with these paints as well.

By using these paints, you can create new looks for apparel & home décor items whenever needed. However, this spray paint pack works best with light-colored fabrics.

Key Features

  • It’s permanent
  • 6 colors are available
  • Upon drying, it becomes soft
  • Works well on clothing & fabrics for home decor
  • No dripping or splattering with these paints

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2. Aleene’s Original Acrylic Sealer Gloss Finish

Using acrylic sealer spray paint for fabrics is a good idea. This product provides a clear & durable finish to almost any indoor or outdoor project providing both protection & a lustrous gloss. It might not dry quickly.

The spray-on formula spreads smoothly and evenly and is extremely easy to apply. This six-ounce product is suitable for use on a wide range of surfaces, from fabric, metal, stone, glass, paper, plaster, and flat surfaces such as cardboard and bisque. 

Aside from being weather- and water-resistant, this sealer provides added security. Moreover, it provides a durable and sealing finish, allowing it to last longer in outdoor environments. 

Key Features

  • CFC-free, and an anti-yellowing finish
  • Weather-resistant and water-resistant
  • It is extremely easy to use
  • Matte and glossy finishes are available
  • Safety standards ASTM D4236 are met
  • The scent may not be to everyone’s taste

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3. Tulip Instant Spray Paint For Fabric

In this Tulip Instant Spray Paint pack, there is only 1 spray that can include. The black color makes it suitable for use with fabrics, clothes, and many more.

Moreover, in addition to white and black, it comes in neon green, brown, blue, bubblegum pink, coral, green, gold shimmer, emerald shimmer, gray, lemonade, neon blue, neon orange, mint, teal, purple, neon pink, pewter shimmer, silver shimmer, rose gold shimmer, red, and yellow.

Spray paints for fabrics are machine washable and permanent as well. Whether the fabric is natural or synthetic, this is an ideal option. Clothing and fabrics will dry quickly and feel super soft after using this tulip paint. 

As a whole, if you would like to have instant, washable, and permanent colors on your textiles, t-shirts, & fabrics, check out the Tulip product.

Key Features

  • Suitable for almost all kinds of fabrics
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • It’s affordable
  • A 3-oz aerosol spray can contains this fabric spray
  • There are over 2,000 reviews on it

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4. Mod Podge Clear Acrylic Sealer

Spray paint for fabrics, made of acrylic sealer with a 12oz can is designed to seal. As a result, craft projects will be preserved and will have a clear, glossy finish. This product is a must-have among your arts and crafts supplies.

The product dries quickly, leaves a sleek finish, is non-toxic, and is very simple to use. The product works well on metal, terracotta, wood, canvas, as well as many other surfaces, without yellowing or streaking. More details about the product can be found in this review.

Key Features

  • One-step glue, sealant, and finish
  • Designed to resist dust and fingerprints
  • Ensure moisture protection and Strong odors may accompany fumes
  • Suitable for use with both oil-based and water-based paints
  • It is possible that the nozzle will become clogged

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5. Rust Oleum Automotive Fabric and Upholstery Spray Paint

Would you like to paint your favorite car seats, vinyl tops, door panels, dashboards, floor mats with fabric spray paint? If so, Rustoleum Automotive Fabric and Upholstery Spray Paint is the right option for you.

Each can have only 1 can of paint, which can be enough to cover a surface area of approximately 12 square feet.

The product dries quickly- it only takes around 10 minutes. With this product, fabric & vinyl surfaces are provided with vibrant color, plus it won’t peel, crack or rub off.

However, it can also be used on vinyl furniture, luggage, car seats & doors, auto tops, floor mats, dashboards, etc., as well. Consequently, it is a cheap paint can, costing less than $6.

Key Features

  • The price is reasonable
  • Suitable for any automotive vinyl & fabric surfaces
  • There is no rubbing off, cracking, or peeling
  • It dries within 10 minutes
  • Useful and easier to use

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6. Deval Products Glow In The Dark Fabric Spray Paint

When it comes to the best glow in the dark spray paint for fabric and clothes, then the Deval Glow in the Dark Fabric Spray Paint is an excellent choice for you.

With the pack, you receive one 2.5 oz can, designed specifically for fabric, making it perfect for crafts & decorating kids’ stuff. In spite of this, it is a USA-made product.

Overall, if you are looking for spray painted glow-in-the-dark fabric for fabrics or clothes, consider buying this Deval Product.

Key Features

  • American-made
  • Ideal for crates and kid’s rooms
  • Spraying is simple
  • Glowing clothes and fabrics are among the best options
  • Perfect for crafts & decorating kids’ stuff

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7. Dupli Color Metallic Silver Fabric And Vinyl Spray Paint

We’ve added this Dupli Color Metallic Silver Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint to our list because so many people are looking for vinyl spray paint and metallic silver fabric.

A popular fabric & vinyl spray paint, it’s available at a variety of retailers. The product is available as a single pack, as well as 6 packs as well. There are also different colors available.

In addition to being durable, it has perfect color and resists flaking, cracking, and peeling. This paint can be used to decorate fabric & vinyl surfaces on your car. 

Dupli Color Metallic Silver Fabric and Vinyl Spray Paint is also great for umbrellas, outdoor cushions, and other outdoor items. Amazon has over 2k reviews for this particular product. According to our research, most of its users are satisfied with the quality and best results.

Key Features

  • A variety of colors are available
  • Silver color works well on vinyl and fabrics
  • Perfect for sun-faded outdoor furniture cushions
  • Crack-resistant, flake-resistant, and peel-resistant
  • It has over 2700 reviews

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8. Krylon COLORmaxx Spray Paint And Primer- Gold

Fabric spray paint is great for revamping old items as well as decorating furniture. There is an incredible level of smoothness.  Thankfully, Krylon COLORmaxx Spray Paint And Primer- Gold is the product that has a metallic & brilliant sheen. 

You can use it on metal, wood, wicker, plastic, ceramic, fabric, glass, paper, and many other materials. DIY or craft projects can be completed using this metallic gold spray paint and it is rust-resistant. 

This paint can come with an easy-to-use push button that lets you spray wherever you want, upside down, and it dries in 20 minutes. Cleaning up after painting is best done with lacquer thinner. 

Luckily, use this classic spray paint for every project to add a touch of glamor and elegance.

Key Features

  • Contains 11 oz of paint
  • Covers up to 25 square feet
  • For best results, set your thermostat between 55°F and 75°F
  • Under 60% humidity, it works well
  • It dries within 20 minutes.

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9. Tulip Color Shot Instant Fabric Color

Make your creativity fly with this pack of 6 aerosol spray cans that come in bright colors – red, blue, yellow, purple, green, and black. In each can, you’ll find 2.5 ounces of fabric spray paint that’s perfect for making tie-dye effects, decorating with stencils or monograms, or adding color all over. 

No dripping or sprinkling of colors occurs on the fabric when the colors are blended. With its quick and permanent drying time, it keeps fabrics soft & flexible while not stiffening them. 

Even when applied to upholstery, the color doesn’t rub off or cover the weave. The UV and weather-resistant properties of this fabric spray paint ensure that it won’t fade outdoors.

Key Features

  • Simple and a breeze to use
  • Works best with light-colored fabrics
  • Both natural & synthetic fabrics can be used
  • There is no problem with machine washable
  • UV and weather-resistant properties

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10. Arteza Fabric Paint – G21 Phthalo Green

The Arteza Fabric Paint dries quickly, making it ideal for use on cotton, leather, canvas, linen, polyester, or denim. Once dried, it can be ironed permanently. It is extremely durable and can withstand repeated washings in a washing machine & a dryer as well. 

The product has been designed by artists and created by them, so you can be assured that you will find it enjoyable. It is permanent, waterproof, & machine-washable, making it a safe and non-toxic option. 

Arteza Fabric Paint – G21 Phthalo Green has many vibrant & bright colors available which can be combined and matched.

Key Features

  • An easy-to-use interface for beginners
  • Isn’t prone to cracking or peeling
  • This product has a good color payoff
  • A good choice for DIY activities
  • Requires no textile medium and maybe a little thin

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11. Krylon Glitter Shimmer – Magical Multi-Color Finish

Krylon Glitter Shimmer provides depth and a 3D effect to projects requiring glitter, with color options like posh pink, diamond dust, orange burst, twilight sky, and citrus dream.

Krylon Glitter Shimmer – Magical Multi-Color Finish Fabric Spray Paint comes with a 1-pound can that gives you an abundance of shimmer, sparkle, & coverage as well.

Once dried, it glams up a variety of materials like fabric, metal, wood, plastic, wicker, ceramic, or glass. 

However, ten minutes after spraying, it becomes touchable. Then, two hours later, Krylon Glitter Shimmer is completely dry.

Key Features

  • The solution that contains no acid
  • Sprayer with non-clogging properties
  • The product dries quickly once applied
  • Different colors are available and some people may find the smell overwhelming
  • The can may be smaller than what you expect

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12. Montana Cans Hologram Glitter Effect Spray

This Montana Cans Hologram Glitter Effect Spray can revive and restore old, faded fabric, transforming it into something stylish and vibrant. Spray paint for fabric with a semi-gloss finish and translucent base, containing 400ml of solution. 

With this spray-on, multi-colored holographic paint a gentle texture and a beautiful shine make this paint suitable for use on fabric, paper, cardboard, glass, primed canvas, metal, wood, ceramics, porcelain, stone, and acrylic.

Key Features

  • Free of CFCs and lead
  • The glitter is very fine and holographic
  • The product reflects light when used
  • The paint can be applied over an existing color
  • Coverage may be limited and there is a possibility of clogging

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13. Tulip Glitter Spray Paint

The Tulip Glitter Spray Paint for Clothing and Fabric offers easy application and is one of the leading popular glitter spray paints on the market.

We researched products and discovered that many people are looking for glitter spray paint for fabric and clothes; thus, we selected this product.

The spray comes in a 4 oz pump bottle, but the pack only contains 1 bottle. There is no need to wash it off since it is permanent paint. Therefore, the spray paint is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

With its vibrant color, flexibility, and softness, it provides a wonderfully rich and vibrant look. This product can be used on all kinds of fabrics but is most effective on light-colored fabric.

Key Features

  • The paint has a permanent finish once it has dried
  • Providing vibrant color
  • Suitable for all kinds of clothing
  • Eco-friendly and non-toxic
  • Flexibility and softness are its main characteristics

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14. Keff Fabric Puff Paint Kit

With these 30 Keff Fabric Puff Paint Kit fabric spray paints, you will be able to instantly inject your fabrics with vibrant and stunning colors. When you get creative with them, you’ll be sure to be delighted.

There are 16 solid, 5 fluorescent, 7 metallic, 1 glitter, and 1 glow-in-the-dark 3D paint. Besides the paintbrushes, this kit includes 4 fabric markers, 4 stencils, and 4 puff paint brushes. It is possible to cultivate your artistic talents by painting clothes, paper, shoes, wood, upholstery, glass, and plastic. Children can use this paint safely because it is non-toxic, permanent, and made of superior quality materials.

Key Features

  • Easily reusable stencils come with easy-squeeze bottles
  • The solution is washable
  • The iron doesn’t have to be hot in order to activate it
  • The perfect gift for any occasion
  • There might be a thicker layer than expected

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15. Imagine Sheer Shimmer Craft Spray – Sparkle

Adding the Imagine Sheer Shimmer Craft Spray finishing touches or highlighting the parts of a project that you would like will give it a whole new lease on life. You can apply a light and subtle touch of elegant sparkle to fabric, wood, paper, and other surfaces without causing a mess like a glitter.

If you want to apply it directly, you can spritz it or use a dauber. With this Imagine Sheer Shimmer Craft Spray – Sparkle, your craftwork will be done in no time at all, which makes it extremely convenient.

Key Features

  • After usage, the container can be refilled
  • The solution that is water-based and acid-free
  • Subjects can be highlighted with this and sometimes messy
  • Available in a variety of shimmery colors
  • It may be a little thin and watery

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What Types Of Fabrics Can You Spray Paint?


  • Cotton is an excellent spray paint fabric because of its natural properties. 
  • The durability, breathability, and ease of working with cotton make it a popular fabric choice.
  • A variety of cotton weights are available, from light, sheer fabrics such as seersucker to heavier fabrics like denim & canvas. 
  • Whether you’re painting cotton clothing, shoes, or furniture, spray painting cotton is simple.
  • Some amazing effects can be created using a fabric’s wrinkle tendency. 
  • Using creases, tie-dye creates instant & unique patterns. Shrinkage is a common characteristic of cotton. 
  • Hence, ensure that the fabric is pre-washed before painting.


  • The term polycotton refers to a fabric that combines polyester with cotton. 
  • Polyester and cotton can be blended 50/50 or 30/70. 
  • There is less ironing required when using poly cotton fabrics because polycotton fabrics are less wrinkle-prone.
  • There is a possibility that the polyester content of this blended fabric will affect its absorbency. 
  • As a result, the fabric is also more likely to be damaged by heat. 
  • There can be problems with both factors when it comes to spray paint. 
  • To ensure compatibility with the paint, test it on a small area before applying the paint.


  • Wool, which is a natural fiber that can be dyed or painted, could also be an option. 
  • Also, wool can bleed colors into new colors, so keep that in mind when you’re working with it. 
  • Essentially, it’s the same thing as turning dark hair blonde. 
  • When the dark color is not removed first, the blonde will be more orange. 
  • Test the paint on a small area to determine if the wool’s original color affects your preferred shade.
  • Wool fibers are naturally buoyant, but painting can flatten them. 
  • The paint you use should be flexible and shouldn’t harden the textile. 
  • During the springy stage of wool’s life, wool is softest.


  • Silk fabrics are suitable for painting in many different ways. 
  • Spray paints, in contrast, do not appear in many techniques. 
  • You can create some stunning designs using silk paint & a paintbrush. 
  • For “serti silk” painting, borders made of Resist or Gutta are used to draw designs on the fabric.
  • As soon as you’ve drawn your outline on the cloth, you’ll need to color the various sections. 
  • Resist and Gutta will prevent color bleeding into the surrounding area.
  • To change silk’s color over and over, one would have to use a silk dye instead of spray paint. 
  • Spray paints work better when heated due to silk’s heat sensitivity. 
  • Heat and silk are a dangerous combination.


  • Cotton and linen are both natural fibers that are woven into fabrics. 
  • The material is also wrinkle-prone, making it perfect for creating stunning designs.
  • Because linen is highly absorbent, it is a perfect choice for painting. 
  • All kinds of furniture and clothes can be painted with spray paint on linen.


  • If you want the best results, do not paint synthetic materials such as polyester. 
  • To ensure spray paint adheres to fabric, heat is a key factor, but this can be difficult for synthetic materials. 
  • Especially when subjected to high temperatures, polyester melts easily.
  • When working with synthetics, fabric dyes are preferable to paint. 
  • To determine if a dye is suitable for polyester, check the label.

Buying Fabric Spray Paint: What To Consider

Consider which paint type will produce the best results before making a purchase. Also consider the method of application, the depth of color, and how the color transfers to the fabric. Here are a few considerations you should keep in mind.

Scale Up The Project

Do you need a lot of spray paint? A DIY project’s scale depends on its scope. If you want to rework and paint old t-shirts, you will only need 1 to 3 oz of paint per color you choose.  You can purchase spray paint sets from some brands if you are just starting out with painting or have small projects to finish.

Paint Base

Color pigments are mixed with a liquid base and applied with a pump sprayer & aerosol can. In acrylic based paint, pigments are dissolved in an acrylic polymer or plastic resin binder. When wet, these pigments become water soluble but once dry, they become permanent. 

Natural or synthetic oils can be used in oil-based paints, and they are both permanent and durable. Paints based on solvents dry faster because they evaporate when exposed to air. Fabric paints containing alcohol are inks that absorb into fabric fibers.

Appearance & Color Selection

Various colors are available in spray paint for clothes. Regardless of the colors you choose, they should be opaque and vibrant, displaying your artwork with a stunning range of colors.

Luckily, most brands sell spray paint sets that you can play with different colors on your shirts. Besides color quality, they may vary in appearance or finish when applied to fabric. In some paint brands, the finish is smooth, while in others, it’s slightly rough. The glitter spray paint will make your dress appear sheerer.

Paint Quality & Consistency

To achieve clean and smooth finishes, paint consistency should be considered. As it prevents paint pooling, clogging, drips, and clogging, your shirt will be neatly and beautifully painted without compromising the design. It is also important to consider the type & quality of the nozzles.

You don’t want your clothes to look ruined by splattered paint that has a watery consistency since it will drip and smear. For thin paints, using the airbrush system is ideal for the effortless, seamless application of watercolor effects.

In addition, color retention differs by brand. While some spray paints fade after a few washes, others provide excellent color quality that won’t wear off. There are some that are both permanent & machine washable.

Time To Dry

Drying time determines when you can wear and wash your shirt and whether you can recoat or add layers of paint. In some brands, spray paint must dry for at least 30 minutes after you apply it and around 48 to 72 hours before you wear it & wash your fabric.

Fabric Compatibility

Spray paint for clothing should be compatible with the fabric if you want to use it. Your outfits will be finished smoothly and with superb color effects. The results can be greatly affected by it. Otherwise, you might end up with messy blotches & bleed-throughs.

Cotton and canvas paint work well together in some cases, but not in others. Some brands are specifically designed for cotton, while others are ideal for all fabrics. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

Safe Formulation

Spray paints and other aerosol products typically leave behind a strong chemical smell that causes headaches, dizziness, and burning nose symptoms, among other irritations. 

When you rework your favorite shirts, you don’t want that to happen. It’s fortunate that most brands offer odorless, non-toxic spray paints.

FAQs About The Best Fabric Spray Paint

Art, craft, & DIY projects can be enhanced with fabric spray paint. There are probably many fabric painting projects on your list by now. When you start using spray paints for fabric, be sure to read these frequently asked questions.

01. Is regular spray paint suitable for fabric?

Answer: Regular spray paint doesn’t work well on fabric; it stiffens the fabric and causes cracking. You can use spray paints on fabric by checking the manufacturer’s product descriptions.

02.Is it possible to paint fabric permanently?

Answer: Typically, spray paints used on fabrics become permanent after drying or after the required curing period, until the manufacturer specifies otherwise.

When a fabric medium is added to the paint, the paint is able to move along with the textile, resulting in a permanent finish.

03. Will fabric paint wash off after a few washings?

Answer: The paint on high-quality fabric can withstand machine washings, but it may fade with time. Before washing, turn your cloth inside out so that the color remains intact.

04. What is the best paint to use on fabrics?

Answer: Acrylic fabric paint is usually the best choice. Fabric paint, also called textile paint, typically consists of acrylic polymers. By blending acrylic into a color and then emulsifying, sunlight, routine use, and multiple washings are made possible.

05. Does fabric paint make fabric stiff?

Answer: Paint can leave clothing stiff & uncomfortable. With acrylic paints, you can paint on fabric easily. When a fabric is painted, it can sometimes become stiff, which makes it less appealing. However, this problem can be solved in a few ways.

06. What can I paint with fabric spray paint?

Answer: The possibilities are endless! T-shirts, canvas footwear, sweaters (polyester/cotton blends), socks, curtains, upholstery, furniture/cushion sets for outdoor use, tablecloths, & car interiors, and many more as well.

07. Do fabric dye sprays work on denim?

Answer: Yes! If you want the fabric spray paint to adhere successfully and last, you should purchase specific fabric spray paint for this type of material. “Marabu Fashion Spray – Cool Denim Set” is a great way to test out the waters; check out Blick for this brand.

08. How long will it take for the paint to dry?

Answer: In most cases, you won’t need more than 4 hours to complete this process. Nevertheless, it will depend on your choice of product/brand, the material type, and the size of your project. In addition, paint must be heat-set using an iron or machine dryer. Furthermore, humidity may impact the time it takes to complete this process.

09. How should I preserve my fabric spray paints?

Answer: As with most art supplies, fabric paint bottles should be kept in cool and dark places. Also, keep your materials clean after every crafting session. As an example, the nozzles of spray paint bottles may be removable, and you should thoroughly rinse them to prevent excess paint from blocking the outlet.

10. Is chalk paint a good substitute for upholstery spray paint?

Answer: Yes, you can. We recommend it for fabrics, but it will stick to the paper. Additionally, paint can harden and crack over time if used on lightweight materials, as well as creating a chalky, and matte finish. Heavy-duty surfaces are best suited to chalk spray paint.

11. Does spraying require wet or dry fabric?

Answer: Your using technique, material, and project all play a role in this. For example, if you are stenciling on a t-shirt, your surface should be dry. In contrast, you need to wet your materials before doing tie-dye projects. Painting upholstery DIY projects usually require dampening the surfaces first.

Final Verdict

It’s our pleasure to present this list of the 15 best spray paint for fabric. Here are the top best spray paints for fabrics of all types. We hope now you are able to choose to spray paint easily for your upcoming project.

However, some may find reworking old clothes & achieving flawless results intimidating. Well, that’s fun, especially when you use the right fabric spray paint. Considering the factors above and the list of top-notch products will help you make an informed decision.

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