10 Tested Secrets: How To Clean A Coach Purse

how to clean a coach purse

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Coach purses are very popular and trendy. Do you have one? If so, it may be made from leather or Coach’s signature material. To get the most use out of your Coach purse, you’ll want to keep it in excellent shape.

It is a costly investment to buy a Coach purse, hence you obviously want it to last a long time. Occasionally, does it get stained, does a pen accidentally explode inside, and does makeup get accidentally rubbed into it? Your coach purse probably needs to be cleaned, probably you’re wondering about How To Clean A Coach Purse perfectly.

Well, I’ve got good news to share with you today. A variety of products are available to clean coach bags, such as Coach leather cleaner, leather moisturizer, liquid soap, & a damp cloth as well.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to clean a Coach bag, including leather purses, fabric purses, shoulder bags, or any other Coach bags.

How to Clean a Fabric Coach Purse: A Complete Guide

Unavoidable messes are part of life. In order to prolong the life of a Coach purse, you should have a plan and know how to clean it. Tips and tricks are always available to make your coach bags look brand new. However, if you don’t follow the right procedure, you may damage your valuables!

Luckily, there is something you can do to keep your handbags looking fresh and clean.

The surfaces of Coach purses can be cleaned with warm water & a soft fabric if they have been pre-treated. When you have a tough leather stain, here are some expert methods for safely cleaning and restoring your bag.

Method 1:  “Sig-C Fabric Cleaner”

The Coach store offers the Coach Signature fabric cleaner. Stains can be removed with ease, making it an ideal method of cleaning Coach purses.

It is the best cleaner to recreate a pretty purse. Buying it online and from a local retailer is easy. Here are some purses that work well with this method:

  • Classic Signature
  • Mini Signature
  • Optic Signature
  • Graphic Signature
  • Signature Stripe


When you request a warranty file at a Coach bag store, you may be denied without trying the company’s purse cleaner first.

Rub It

  • Place a drop of cleaner on the cloth, then quickly rub the product with the cloth in small circles. 
  • Once it has dried, use a clean cloth to wipe it dry.

Dry The Purse

  • Use a clean, white cloth to apply a little fabric cleaner. 
  • Rotate the Coach purse in a circular motion, & then wipe it down. 
  • Let it air dry completely before you use it again. 
  • Blot dry the affected area with a separate rag.

Method 2: “Leather Cleaner”

  • Leather cleaner products make it easy to clean your bag.
  • Apply a little amount of leather cleaner to a soft, clean cloth, and rub it in circles. This should remove most dirt.
  • Within a few minutes, remove the excess cleaner and let it dry for about 30 minutes. 
  • A Coach representative can recommend the best moisturizer set to you; the purse will look better with the moisturizer set.
  • To remove the leather stain, rub the cloth with Coach leather cleaner. Circular motions are recommended to remove dirt or stains. 
  • If any excess cleaner or moisture remains, wipe it off with a clean, dry cloth. 
  • The purse should be completely dry before using it again.
  • However, Coach bags are soft, clean, & ready to use as soon as they have dried completely.

Method 3:  “Light Cleaning”

Whenever your purse doesn’t look too dirty yet but still seems a bit rusty, you can apply this cleaning method.

Pour Little Water

  • Firstly, pour some warm water into a bowl. 
  • Don’t let the water get too hot; if it does, you’ll ruin the whole process.

Wet Your Sponge

  • Next, soak a sponge in lukewarm water for a few minutes. 
  • To keep your purse safe, make sure all excess water is removed.

Clean The Entire Thing

  • You can begin cleaning the handbag from the corner. 
  • The sponge should be applied gently to the handbag, including its belt. 
  • However, the bottom part is the grimiest, so you need to clean it last.
  • Additionally, if your bottom is very dirty, simply scrub it twice using the sponge, and it’ll be spotless!
  • The fabric of a purse sometimes has tricky patterns. You should move your sponge clockwise & anti-clockwise in that case. 
  • When too much pressure is applied to one area, the area may become too wet.

Dry It Out

  • If you’re finished cleaning the purse, use a soft and dry cloth to wipe it thoroughly. 
  • Ensure that the purse’s surface does not have any excess moisture. Otherwise, you’ll develop a musty odor on it, so don’t do that!
  • Let the purse dry in the air for a little while. After a while, your bag will stay perfectly crisp!

Method 4:  “Deep Cleaning”

Since you will need to perform deep cleanings once in a while, now is the right time for you to study this method. In a few cases, our handbags get too dirty, causing this method to be effective.

Cleanser Selection

  • In the beginning, you should select a cleanser for cleaning your bag. 
  • For this purpose, you should choose a Hoover Renewal Deep Cleaning product.
  • To clean delicate clothes, you can make use of a detergent or baby wash for delicate. 
  • Regular soap and detergent can damage your designer items, so avoid them.

Bag Cleaning

  • Put some mild cleanser on your sponge & use it to clean your coach purse. 
  • When you have squeezed it a couple of times, start cleaning.
  • Apply the sponge gently to the purse & work on small areas. 
  • By covering a large area at once, it might dry out before being cleaned. 
  • You are advised to clean 1 side first before cleaning the other.

Clean It Carefully

  • Dabbing the damp sponge over the surface, make circular movements. 
  • Clean your purse’s fabric pattern by working your way through the pattern.

Remove The Soapy Residue

  • After you’ve cleaned the spots, you should wash away the extra cleanser. You can wipe your purse with a damp, soft cloth.
  • In order to prevent fabric damage, you must remove every last track down of cleanser.

Remove Wetness

  • Next, wipe your purse with a dry, clean cloth. Make sure no moisture is left on the purse.
  • However, when the towel is run through the fabric, it may feel damp, but this is normal. 
  • It is simply necessary to let the purse air dry in an open, ventilated space.
  • Once it is completely dry, it can be stored inside your closet.

Method 5: “Cleaning The Coach”

Is your favorite Coach purse in such poor condition that you’re too worried about ruining it? If so, you should check out this company’s unique solution.

Coach developed a special cleaning product to remove dirt and spots from the fabric purses. Consequently, if you’re ready to spend a little extra, these solutions can deliver better results. This is an authentic product, so you won’t be damaged by it.

Using The Cleaner

  • You can purchase purse cleaners online & restore the appearance of your purse.
  • To clean a surface, soak a damp cloth in the cleaning solution. 
  • If you apply too much water at once, the fabric can be left with water rings.
  • Also, you must always use white clothes. Colored clothes can cause your purse to stain. So it’s better to be on the safe side.

How To Remove Stains

  • Apply the cleaner onto the dirty area you wish to clean. Use circular motions to remove stains.
  • You should repeat this process once again if you have more than one spot. 
  • If you apply the same cleaner to multiple spots, the whole thing could get ruined!
  • In addition, you can not clean your entire purse using this particular cleaner because it is designed to work on stains only.

Remove Excess Product

  • Remove any extra product from the bag’s surface by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth. 
  • There is a possibility that the cloth will become soapy, so you must rinse it again & and repeat the steps until it is clean.

Dry Your Purse

  • If you’d like to make your experience better, gently wipe the purse with a dry cloth. 
  • For a musty smell to be removed, air-dry the purse.

Methos 6:  “Clean Suede Leather Coach Purses”

  • Locate the problematic area. Thoroughly dry the affected area.
  • Apply the cleaning bar’s pink side to the problem area.
  • Apply pressure back & forth to the affected area. Apply gentle pressure.
  • Get the leather back into its original shape by using the brush to remove residue.

Methos 7: “Cleaning Suede Leather Coach Purse Without Professional Cleaning”

Using a clean cloth, dab a little vinegar on the cloth. Identify the stain on your purse, and blot it gently with a cloth. The following purses will work with this method:

  • Hamptons Suede
  • Soho Suede
  • Hamptons Mosaic
  • Chelsea Nubuc

 “Take care not to use too much vinegar. Suede is sensitive to excess liquid”.

  • Make sure the purse is dry. Dab the part of the purse that is moist with a new clean cloth. 
  • Dry the purse in a cold, dust-free location. Keep it away from the sun and hot places.
  • With a suede eraser, eliminate any remaining stains. Apply gentle pressure until the stain is completely gone.
  • Restore the purse’s flattened portions. In the case that the cleaned part appears flat & lacks textural detail, use a circular motion with a metal brush to get the texture back.

Method 8: “Use Warm Water & Dish Liquid Soap”

  • To begin cleaning your purse, wipe it down as soon as possible to remove dirt or any spillage. 
  • Avoid rubbing it in, as this could make it more difficult to remove.
  • Next, soak your hands in warm water and wash them with mild soap.
  • To effectively remove stains in the hard-to-reach areas, apply the Leather Honey Stain-Removing Solution with a cotton swab.
  • To effectively remove stains in the hard-to-reach areas, apply the stain-removing solution with a cotton swab.
  • By rubbing a wet cloth over the cleaner, wipe the bag until the cleaner is free of soap. 
  • If you are using a microfiber cloth, make sure all moisture is removed from the spot before covering it.
  • Let the bag completely dry.

Method 9: “Cleaning Hardware Of Purse”

It is inevitable that your handbag’s metal detailing will wear out over time. Luckily, there are methods of cleaning and maintaining metal parts as well.

  • Any dirt can be removed by using an appropriate polishing cloth. 
  • Any small scratches left behind will also be removed.
  • Clean the metal area using a soft-bristled brush dipped in detergent, lightly circling around the metal surface.
  • Make sure that the metal is dried with a Q-tip or cotton ball. 
  • Then, use the polishing cloth a second time to shine the area even more.

Method 10: “Apply Baby Wipes”

  • Always carry baby wipes with you so that you’re prepared in case your Coach purse becomes stained in the future. 
  • Take some wipes out and rub the stain off the fabric when you see a stain. 
  • In the absence of baby wipes, a damp cloth will work as well.

Alternative Coach Purse Cleaning Methods

As mentioned above, you can clean Coach purses using a variety of household items. 

Alternative 1

For ink stains and scuffs on your bag, nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol are great alternatives. For this method, you’ll need cotton swabs, a wet cloth, as well as microfiber towels. 

  • To remove nail polish stains, lightly dab cotton balls or swabs into a remover.
  • Make sure not to rub it, as this will make it harder to get out. 
  • Starting with a clean, damp cloth, wipe away nail polish remover & rubbing alcohol. 
  • When the spot is clean, use microfiber to blot it dry. 
  • Coach purses made of microfiber are highly absorbent & remove excess moisture to protect them from further damage. 

Alternative 2

To remove grease and oil stains from any Coach purse, soda and corn starch are safe & effective ways to remove them. During this step, you can use damp cloths, toothbrushes, and microfiber towels.

  • Grease or oil stains can be treated with a sprinkle of cornstarch or baking soda.
  • Gently rub the powder over the stain.
  • Wait at least one night.
  • Clean a toothbrush or cloth and remove the baking soda or cornstarch using it. 

Alternative 3

In order to create a general-purpose leather bag cleaning paste, combine equal amounts of lemon juice with tartar cream. The method should be applied to light-colored or white leather since this mixture has bleaching properties. The clothes you’ll need for this method are damp & microfiber.

  • To remove the stain from your bag, apply the paste. 
  • Allow it to sit for 30 minutes.
  • Using a damp cloth, gently wipe away the paste, making sure all the paste is gone.
  • Wait until it has completely dried before using.

How To Clean Your Coach Bags: Additional Tips & Tricks

You now know how to clean your fabric Coach purses. Thus you should follow these valuable tips whenever you do so. Consequently, you will gain the best results every time.

  • In order to avoid leaving an unsightly mark, try using a dry cloth rather than a sponge. Using a dry cloth gives you better control over the fabric.
  • When cleaning your bags, stick to mild soaps and baby soaps.
  • A makeup stain might appear on your purse, but you can clean it with a mild makeup remover.
  • Never blot the fabric or sponge completely. When cleaning, dampen it thoroughly.
  • Always avoid acetone-containing products. If you don’t, your purse will be ruined!

Pro Tips

  • Moreover, if you want your Coach purse to last longer, you should use a leather conditioner. 
  • Keep your bag in pristine condition by using the leather conditioner regularly. 
  • Before you remove any stain, test the cleaner on a visible area first. 
  • Leather Coach bags can be kept in excellent shape with ease, & there are a variety of ways to do so. 
  • To deal with tougher stains, it is best to turn to professionals. 
  • Considering how expensive these bags are, make sure you clean them regularly, even if you don’t have any difficult stains to remove.

In Summary

Thank you for reading our tips on how to clean a coach purse. Hopefully, you know now better what to do and what not to do with your Coach fabric purse. You can try these above-mentioned methods if you want the best result. When it comes to caring for your precious bag, this article will serve as a guide!

For most people, Coach handbags represent a significant investment. No matter when you bought it or where you got it, make sure to keep it clean to prolong its life.

You can share these Coach purse cleaning ideas with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest. Also, you can share your own experiences in the comments below.