Tested By Quilter’s: 10 Best Electric Fabric Cutting Machine All Time

Best Electric Fabric Cutting Machine

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When it comes to crafting, sewing, and quilting, fabric cutting machines make all the difference in the world. A sewing enthusiast will greatly benefit from being skilled at cutting fabrics easily, quickly, and precisely.

However, there are many fabric cutting machines on the market, so selecting the right one is a difficult task. When using the right cutting machine, sewing & quilting can be a breeze, not only for sewing but for all kinds of crafts and art projects as well. Listed below is a comparison chart summarizing our findings. The following are the 10 best electric fabric cutting machine, along with a rating and a nomination. 

In this article, you will find detailed reviews of the top 10 machines. These reviews include pros & cons, features, and specifications to give you more insight into what the machine is capable of. Finally, there are shopping guides and FAQs about fabric cutting machines.

Cricut Explore 3 Smart Cutting Machine
16.12 Pounds
Product Dimensions
24.5 x 10 x 10.25 inches
Cricut Joy Xtra Smart Cutting Machine, White
Amazon Prime
6 Pounds
Product Dimensions
12.5 x 6 x 5.5 inches
Best Choice
Brother ScanNCut SDX125E Electronic DIY Cutting Machine with...
1 Pounds
Product Dimensions
8.4 x 20.9 x 6.8 inches
Sizzix 660550 Industrial Strength Die Cutting & Embossing...
3.92 Pounds
Product Dimensions
‎ 24.25 x 15 x 7.5 inches
AccuQuilt Go! Me Fabric Cutter Starter Set
10.32 pounds
Product Dimensions

Quick Summary About Best Electric Fabric Cutting Machine

Most Versatile: Cricut Maker – Smart Cutting Machine –

Best Value: Circuit Explorer Air 2

Most Customer Choice: Brother SDX125E Cutting Machine, Scanner

Easy To Use: Sizzix 660550 Big Shot Pro Industrial Fabric Die Cutting Machine

Premium Pick: AccuQuilt Go Big Electric Fabric Cutting Machine

User-Friendly: Mophron Commercial Fabric Cutting Machine Auto Knife Sharpener

Best For Home: Sizzix Sidekick Starter Kit

Most Powerful: Reliable 1500FR Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutter Machine

Best Overall: Spellbinders PE-100 Platinum 6.0 Die Cutting and Embossing Machine

Best for Beginners: Accuquilt Ready. Set. GO! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System

1. Cricut Maker – Smart Cutting Machine –


Brand:- Cricut

Material:- Plastic

Color:- Rose

Item Dimensions LxWxH:- 22.6 x 7.09 x 6.22 inches

Item weight:- 18.02 Pounds

Item Thickness:- 6.99 Inches

Warranty:- 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


The Cricut brand is among the most popular cutting machines on the market, with the Cricut Maker being among their top-quality, versatile models. 

With its beautiful champagne color, it is capable of cutting up to 300 materials, such as delicate fabrics, leather, paper, and matboard.

By using rotary blades, you can cut through almost any fabric type without using a backer at all. If you need to cut thicker and denser fabric, you can purchase the knife blade separately.

In addition to cutting, it can also engrave, score, emboss, and create other decorative work using various specialty tips.


  • Utilizing the Circut app on your computer or mobile device, you can plan out your projects quickly and easily. 
  • This machine does not have built-in designs, but the manufacturer offers hundreds of designs for a fee. 
  • Using your own designs is always an option.
  • Cricut Maker lets you create many different projects by itself, but if your materials are thick or dense, you may need to purchase an additional Knife Blade. 
  • The fabric cutting machine requires your personal sewing patterns because it does not have built-in patterns.
  • Despite these minor flaws, this Cricut Maker is a great tool for making quilting projects.


  • Over 300 materials can be cut, including leather and delicate fabrics
  • The free application allows you to plan tasks
  • Use rotary blades with no backing
  • A USB port for charging
  • Docking slots for smartphones and tablets
  • Simple to use


  • The designs are not built-in
  • Blades must be purchased separately

2. Circuit Explorer Air 2



Product Dimensions:- 36.83 x 10 x 0.5 inches

Item Weight:- 14 pounds

Manufacturer:- Provo Craft & Novelty

Batteries:- 1 12V battery required

Warranty:- 1 year


In terms of popularity and sales, the “Explore Air 2” stands out among other models. The reason is simple: It is capable of cutting through over 100 kinds of materials, including vinyl and faux leather.

The machine can be used for cutting fabrics for quilts as well. Although it doesn’t have nearly as much versatility as the “Cricut Maker”, the machine will still cut almost all fabrics easily.

With the Explore Air 2, you can upload your own images for free, and you can also work through Cricut’s huge library of pre-made designs and projects. And like with other Cricut machines, you can use their simple design software, which allows you to create and design from anywhere.


  • Explore Air 2 is a powerful machine packed with features, but it won’t cut through every material. 
  • The Cricut Maker does not also include a rotary blade.
  • The model is still a good choice for those with limited budgets and offers plenty of cutting power for getting started quickly.
  • Additionally, you probably say goodbye to all forms of labor. 
  • The item was designed so that you plug it into your PC, design it virtually, and it will deliver the results. 
  • That’s how easy & efficient it is. This feature also eliminates any potential hazards. 


  • Using a laptop or computer, you can design, and then the thing performs the cutting
  • Upload photos for free
  • Ability to cut through over 100 materials
  • There is less possibility of danger
  • Design anytime, anywhere, with Design Space
  • Positioning & carrying it are simple tasks
  • You can work on endless materials


  • No rotary blade included
  • Some fabrics can’t be cut

3. Brother SDX125E Cutting Machine, Scanner


Brand:- Brother

Material:- Vinyl

Color:- Titanium/Aqua

Item dimensions LxWxH:- 8.4 x 20.9 x 6.8 inches

Operation mode:- Automatic

Item weight:- 1 pound

Manufacturer:- Brother International Corp

Warranty:- 1 year limited


Brother’s SDX125E comes with a variety of features geared towards crafters, such as on-screen editing. Up to 3mm of material can be cut using the SDX125E, which allows you to cut foam, felt, and other materials.

With this machine, you can automatically measure the material thickness using blade sensor technology, saving you time and labor. You don’t have to adjust the blade or material manually on every project.

This technology enables you to achieve precise cuts by utilizing both custom & built-in patterns. Furthermore, the machine comes with 682 pre-installed designs. It also comes with 100 quilt templates and 9 fonts. 

Plus, this device can be connected online to give you additional design options. Additionally, you are able to convert scanned pictures into unique cutout patterns and patterns using the scanner function.


  • This machine features a 5-inch LCD touchscreen for viewing and editing your designs.
  • To make your sewing & quilting projects look more professional, add 1/4″ seam allowances where necessary.
  • Among other features, the thin fabric auto blade is the most important feature for us quilters.
  • You can make accurate cuts with this machine, which will save you a lot of time.
  • There is, however, one caveat, you must purchase the auto fabric blade thin fabric separately.


  • An editing function is available on the touchscreen
  • Automatic blade adjustment
  • Hundreds of designs are available
  • Connectivity to the Internet
  • Scanning capability
  • User-friendly


  • Blades for fabric are sold separately

4. Sizzix 660550 Big Shot Pro Industrial Fabric Die Cutting Machine


Brand:- Sizzix

Material:- Plastic, Metal

Manufacturer:- Ellison

Color:- Big Shot Pro With Extended Accessories

Item dimensions LxWxH:- 24.25 x 15 x 7.5 inches

Item weight:- 3.92 Pounds

Included components:- Die Cutting & Embossing Machine

Warranty:- Provided by the manufacturer


Luckily, the Sizzix 660550 Big Shot Pro Industrial Fabric Die Cutting Machine includes all of the features you need. In addition, the machine has all the appropriate equipment so it could be used for anything. 

Aside from that, the Sizzix 660550 is very durable. Several metal alloys have been used in its construction, including steel, aluminum, & metal alloy. We are confident it will serve you well for years to come, regardless of what it’s used for. 

Additionally, the product shows a high degree of accuracy. With a superior blade, any material can be cut with ease. Regarding materials, you can rest assured that almost any type of material can be used. This allows you to cut anything precisely. 

Aside from its exceptional options & precision, the unit is extremely versatile. Sizzix offers a wide range of accessories that it is compatible with.


  • Come with 1 original sliding tray, 1 high-quality crease ad, 1 standard cutting pad, 1 great adapter pad, a die pick and two mylar shims.
  • If you are a crafter who has everything you need, here is a die cutter that delivers it all.
  • Constructed from aluminum, steel, and metal alloys, the cutting machine is equipped with a heavy-duty roller.
  • Due to its 33cm opening, the Big Shot Pro cuts wider materials, which allows for bigger projects.
  • With the Big Shot Pro, you can use everything from Sizzix, from Plus dies to Pro dies.


  • Numerous uses are possible for this item
  • Long-lasting and robust construction
  • Cutting precision & cutting ability is assured with the blades
  • Compact & feather-like, it’s easy to place and carry


  • Accessories are sometimes of poor quality

5. AccuQuilt Go Big Electric Fabric Cutting Machine

AccuQuilt Go Big Cutting Machine


Brand:- AccuQuilt

Item Dimensions LxWxH:- 19 x 18.75 x 6 inches

Item weight:- 12.93 Kilograms

Print media:- Fabric


AccuQuilt is the number one world’s leading quilting company. Hence, if you are interested in getting top-of-the-line machines for fabric cutting, you should consider this.

This machine ranks among the best in the business. 

It can be connected to a laptop and PC, where you can design the product before commanding it to begin crafting. In addition, once the products have started working, the process only takes a few minutes. 

On the day of purchase, you are provided with all the accessories needed to complete any task. Thus, you can work on any project without any problems. However, using the product is also very easy. You can ‘place and press’ to insert data. Using this feature, this item is very easy to use. 


  • This is the AccuQuilt GO! It is the perfect beginner’s quilting machine.
  • Especially children can use it. Cutting machine that is completely safe and easy to use, ideal for teaching young children the basics of crafting and sewing. 
  • In addition, it has an easy-to-use side handle, so you can easily turn it around while cutting.
  • Due to its compact infrastructure, it can be placed almost anywhere. 


  • Operation is not complicated
  • It can be used wherever you like
  • Compatible with a variety of AccuQuilt merchandise and equipment
  • Best for all types of quilts


  • Heavy-duty materials and items may not be suitable

6. Mophron Commercial Fabric Cutting Machine Auto Knife Sharpener


Manufacturer:- Mophorn

Motor power:- 750W

Item weight:- 36.1 pounds

Voltage:- 110V, 60 Hz

Size:- 8″0

Rotary speed:- 2850 RPM

Gross weight:- 37.2 lb (16.9 kg)

Cutting height:- 6.3″ (160 mm)

Product dimensions:- 21 x 12 x 8 inches


Mophron is a name you should be familiar with having been in business for a while for a long. A well-recognized organization, the company is well known for its exceptional products. Thus, if you purchase this product, you can rely on its quality performance.

First of all, the machine runs at an extremely high speed. In this device, the rotors rotate at 2850 RPM. High speed produces excellent cutting parameters, so you can cut any fabric as smoothly as butter.

Moreover, the program is capable of handling a range of clothing types. Whether you’re cutting leather, cotton, silk, or other delicate or complex materials, it can handle them all. The metal construction makes it very durable. As a consequence, you should have many years of service from it.


  • In case that is not enough, it is equipped with safety features that ensure you will not be injured while using it. Therefore, you can use it in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
  • Compact & intuitive, the machine has an 8-inch blade and is best suited to light- to medium-weight fabrics, such as wovens and knits.
  • Safety mechanisms keep users protected from harm during the cutting process. Powerful motors make cutting easier.
  • Sharpening knives automatically ensures the highest cutting quality, and the safety mechanisms protect the user during cutting.
  • Straight-knife cloth-cutting machines work best on light to medium weight materials like all kinds of leather, silk, cotton, and chemical textile fabrics.


  • Durable and robust construction ensures long-term performance
  • Speeds up operation for swift & efficient operation
  • Suitable for cutting complicated and fragile materials
  • The lightweight and compact design allows the easy stationing
  • Has an automatic sharpening feature


  • Not suitable for heavy clothes or materials

7. Sizzix Sidekick Starter Kit


Brand:- Sizzix

Material:- Paper, Plastic

Manufacturer:- Ellison

Color:- Sidekick starter kit

Item dimensions LxWxH:- 7.75 x 3.5 x 4.75 inches

Operation Mode:- Manual

Item weight:- 2 pounds

Included components:- Sizzix Sidekick Starter Kit, White and Grey


Sidekick Starter Kits are a great complement to Big Shots, and it includes a variety of accessories to assist you in getting started. It also comes with 2 Thinlits, 7 Stamps, 6 Framelits, as well as 2 embossing folders.

Sizzix provides two aqua-cutting plates for use with their etch-resistant dies (approximately 2-1/2 inches wide). These include Thinlits, Framelits & Triplets.

Aside from being lightweight and portable, the Sizzix Sidekick Starter has many great features. It weighs just 2 pounds and stands just 4-3/4 inches tall.


  • Size is both a pro and a con for the Sidekick, depending on how you use it.
  • Depending on your quilting style, these small plates might not be suitable.
  • This die cutter’s compact size, along with its vacuum seal, give it an edge when cutting smooth surfaces.
  • Sizzlits Decorative Strips can be used, as well as Small & Medium Sizzlit strips.
  • However, an additional set of transparent cutting pads is required.
  • The Sidekick Starter Kit is also a suitable option for beginners or anyone looking for a smaller machine.


  • Easily portable and lightweight
  • It comes with many accessories
  • Includes adapters that allow it to work with several Sizzix dies
  • Useful and simple to use
  • A warranty of 3 years included


  • Size is small

8. Reliable 1500FR Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutter Machine


Brand:- Reliable

Material:- Plastic

Manufacturer:- Reliable corporation

Item weight:- 6.1 Pounds

Item Dimensions LxWxH:- 11.34 x 5 x 10 inches

Power Source:- Corded electric


In the first place, the price of the 1500FR Octagonal Knife Cloth Cutter Machine is reasonable. So, you can take advantage of all its top-class benefits with no problems. Let us now discuss the benefits. This product is durable and reliable. 

Its metal exterior makes the 1500FR Octagonal Knife resistant to rust, scratches, and dents, ensuring it will serve you well for a long time to come. Additionally, the unit boasts incredible accuracy. It can handle materials up to 1 inch thick, ensuring optimal results each time. 

What is your opinion about sharpening? Do you think it is a hassle? Get rid of it. The 1500FR comes with automatic sharpening, allowing you to keep it sharp without any effort on your part. The 1500FR also boasts an ultimate motor with incredible power. 


  • It will be a great choice for you if you want the best machine that offers plenty of functionality and perks.
  • With its powerful AC motor, you can cut through fabrics that are 1 inch thick.
  • Cutting edges are guaranteed to be razor-sharp, thanks to the automatic sharpening system.
  • Safety knife guards on the front of the machine provide extra safety while cutting garments.
  • Aluminum’s lightweight and extra thin base plate ensures precise & smooth cutting. 
  • As the blade guard is fixed at the side, the operator is always protected. 


  • Extreme torque allows the machine to cut anything
  • By adjusting the thickness, you will get optimal results
  • Comes with an automatic sharpening system, requiring no manual action
  • Price points that are affordable


  • Several accessories might be needed

9. Spellbinders PE-100 Platinum 6.0 Die Cutting and Embossing Machine


Brand:- Spellbinders

Material:- Platinum, Wool, Steel, Leather

Color:- White

Item Dimensions LxWxH:- 16 x 10 x 12 inches

Item weight:- 20.44 Pounds


This Spellbinders Platinum 6.0 die cutting & embossing machine is a manual model, though it delivers a surprising amount of cutting power and speed. Using this single tool, you can slice through over 40 different types of material over 6 inches wide & nearly 6 layers thick.

This machine works with paper, cotton, and sometimes balsa wood. In addition, if you enjoy other crafting, this machine can be used for cutting thin dies & embossing folders made by other companies.

A nice feature of the Platinum 6.0 is its portability. This machine has a smaller platform than 6″, which makes it perfect for crafts on the go. Plus, this Spellbinders PE-100 Platinum 6.0 Die Cutting is foldable, making it easier to store.

In addition to the machine, it comes with 2 cutting plates, 1 embossing mat, 1 embossing plate, as well as an all-purpose platform.


  • This machine is mainly used to cut fabric shapes, as it has German blades and a Japanese design. 
  • It has a 4.85 inches LCD screen. As a result, it has a 30% larger screen than the original.
  • In addition to its wireless connectivity & PC compatibility, this cutter is very convenient to use.
  • Brother’s cutting machine does not require cartridges or dies. 
  • A cut and scan machine is a device that lets you digitize any drawings you want & customize the patterns.
  • Specifically for this purpose, the scanner is 300 DPI. The system can detect RGB colors. 
  • A web application is also available to assist in this process.


  • Suitable for cutting a wide range of materials (over 40)
  • Multiple layers can be cut simultaneously with one pass
  • Designed to be travel-friendly
  • Exceptionally high-quality and powerful cutting pressure


  • Wear out may occur quickly on plates

10. Accuquilt Ready. Set. GO! Ultimate Fabric Cutting System


Manufacturer:- AccuQuilt

Item weight:- 36.6 pounds


Quilters are generally delighted with this fabric cutter set. It usually comes with the AccuQuilt GO. Qube 8″ Mix and Match Block, GO! A strip cutter is measuring 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches, the cutting mat, the pattern book, fabric & thread, as well as a quick start guide.

As well as being user-friendly, it reduces hand and arm fatigue. As a result, this AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter comes with a carry case for cutting fabrics 90% quicker compared to scissors and rotary tools.

One of the best features of this machine is how efficiently it cuts about 6 layers of fabric at once. The cuts are so precise that it is astounding. Take advantage of AccuQuilt’s current deals & offers.


  • Designed for beginner level, this all-in-one fabric design set includes everything you’ll need to design beautiful fabric; Weight: 38 lbs.
  • This kit includes a GO! There is also a fabric strip cutter, a fabric cutter, 8 different cutting shapes, and 2 cutting surfaces.
  • Various fabrics are available to cut, including cotton, batik, fleece, wool, flannel, denim, felt, leather, silk, batting and satin.
  • The set includes approximately 70 patterns, a CD with instructions, as well as more than 200 piecing patterns to inspire endless creativity.
  • A safe, convenient design reduces hand & arm strain while featuring an easy-to-store and portable handle.


  • Cutting that is accurate and fast
  • Easily transportable and portable
  • This is an easy-to-use program
  • A wide variety of design options is offered


  • A set of limited edition prints are included
  • Other dies cannot be used with it

Different Kinds Of Electric Fabric Cutting Machines

An important factor to consider before buying a fabric cutting machine is its type. There are many things that it determines, such as precision, efficiency, and a lot more. To achieve optimal results, you should consider using this item. 

Manual Fabric Cutting Machine

Hopefully, the item’s name is quite self-explanatory. A machine like this entails you doing the task yourself. Therefore, it will require manual labor. If you take that into account, you will have better control with a fabric cutting machine. 

Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

These cutting machines eliminate the need for physical labor. The process is completely automatic. Due to its computerized nature, it has much more precision and is more likely to produce the desired results.  

Semi-Automatic Fabric Cutting Machine

Semi-automatics offer the advantages of both types of firearms. If you want to buy something for DIY projects, this is a good option. You have good control and precision.

Advantages Of Using A Fabric Cutting Machine

A fabric cutting machine in your own home can provide a variety of benefits. For the following reasons, many sewing & quilting enthusiasts prefer to purchase such a machine:


One of the biggest benefits & the main reason why so many people want to purchase a fabric cutting machine is to save time. By using a machine, we can cut fabrics more precisely and more efficiently than before. Especially for quilters, as well as all crafting and sewing enthusiasts, cutting machines are a real time-saver.


An additional benefit of fabric cutting machines is their simplicity. They are portable and easy to operate, allowing you to quickly and easily cut out detailed patterns without hassle. People without technical skills can easily operate these machines. The simplicity of these machines is incredible.


It’s important to consider the versatility and flexibility of a fabric cutter that does greater than just sew and quilt. Fabric cutters are useful for many different kinds of work. In the case of cutting out intricate or precise shapes, for example, when making cards.

Things To Consider When Buying Electric Fabric Cutting Machine

After taking a look at our review of the best fabric cutting machines, let’s examine the reasons for buying fabric cutting machines. We will also examine what factors & features you should consider. When looking for a sewing machine, take some time to consider how you will use it, how often you’ll use it, and your budget. Consider also what kinds of crafting, sewing, or quilting projects it might be useful for. Read on for more.

Accessories & Power

In order to determine how efficient a product is, 2 factors should be considered. The first factor is its power. Powerful motors are capable of cutting through anything. Furthermore, greater power means the task can be completed in less time. 

It should also be able to work with various types of accessories. An item with such a feature can be utilized for a variety of purposes. 

Easy Carriage

Generally speaking, the cutting machine will have to be transported to the workstation. You may take it to your office, job, or anywhere. Ideally, a fabric cutter should be easily portable in order to be most enjoyable. 

Consequently, the best choice is something lightweight and compact. You can also find machines that are easy to move. As a result, if you’re interested in having an amazing experience, you have several choices. 

Compact Dimension

Aside from the ease of transport, ergonomic factors also have to be considered. For example, having uncomplicated stationing. If you desire that, the item shouldn’t be bulky!


When you want to use your fabric cutting machine at home or in your studio, or you don’t plan on traveling much with it, weight isn’t as important. In this case, you should invest in a reliable, heavy-duty machine that should long last.


A workspace’s dimensions are important, just like its weight.

However, you must also consider what kind of projects you’ll be undertaking. Larger machines can handle larger jobs. Larger models would be ideal if you have your own craft room and you want to make flowy skirts, long sleeves, and large posters.

Built-In Patterns And Designs

It is possible to create lots of different styles with fabric cutting machines, so you can enjoy your creativity. To make a variety of quilting and sewing projects easier, choose a machine that has many built-in patterns and designs. There are some machines that come with a huge number of designs pre-programmed. Some even allow you to edit and modify these designs. You can also add your own custom designs.

Cutting Ability

You might not care too much about this factor if you will only be sewing & quilting simple things. However, if you decide to explore some deeper arts and crafts, it might be a big decision to make. Balsa wood can be cut using a Cricut Maker, which opens up a world of possibilities for crafts and projects. Your machine will be more versatile the more materials it can handle.


Would also like to know what the final decision will be about the best electric fabric cutting machine. In this review, you can find the right cutting machine for almost everyone. 

For example, if you want a versatile machine for cutting fabric, the Cricut Maker is the best option. There are various functions it can perform, and it can work on different fabrics.

Alternatively, the Brother SDX125E Cutting Machine is the right choice for those looking to create unique patterns easily. This machine has many great features.

This machine, however, is not affordable for everyone. The Sizzix Big Shot Pro is a cheaper alternative. This machine is currently the best low-cost machine available. Overall, you should choose a fabric cutting machine that meets both your personal needs and budget.

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