10 Proven Tricks: How To Get Silly Putty Out Of Clothing

How To Get Silly Putty Out Of Clothing

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Playing with Silly Putty is fun times until it sticks to your clothing, carpet, or furniture. In light of the almost gel-like texture and stickiness, removing it by hand can be challenging.

Key Points:

  • Swift Intervention: Act promptly when faced with Silly Putty stains. Quick responses significantly enhance the success of stain removal.
  • Gentle Scraping: Begin by delicately scraping off excess Silly Putty with a blunt edge, such as a spoon or knife, to minimize the impact on the fabric.
  • Heat Application: Utilize heat through a hairdryer or hot water to soften the Silly Putty, making it more pliable and easier to remove.
  • Stain-Treatment Products: Consider the use of commercial stain removers or explore DIY solutions, keeping in mind the fabric care instructions and the nature of the stain.
  • DIY Tricks: Explore insights and creative tricks from DIY enthusiasts who have successfully navigated the challenge of Silly Putty stains.

If Silly Putty doesn’t dry out, it can typically be removed. I’ll show you how to get silly putty out of clothing, fabrics, & carpets quite simply and efficiently. By following this guide, you’ll discover how to remove Silly Putty without leaving unsightly stains on your clothes, carpet, and upholstery.

Attention & Precaution: Navigating the Swift Response to Silly Putty Stains

Dealing with Silly Putty stains on clothing requires a delicate touch and swift action. To ensure a successful removal process, it’s crucial to pay attention to the following steps and take necessary precautions:

Importance Of Acting Quickly

  • Swift Intervention for Success: Silly Putty stains respond well to immediate attention. The faster you address the stain, the better the chances of complete removal. 
  • Prompt action prevents the Silly Putty from setting into the fabric, making the removal process more seamless.
  • Time is of the essence when dealing with Silly Putty stains. Explore the significance of acting swiftly and learn how a rapid response enhances the success of stain removal.

Checking Fabric Care Instructions

  • Significance of Fabric Care Guidelines: Before diving into the stain removal process, take a moment to review the fabric care instructions on your garment. 
  • Different fabrics have specific guidelines that, if not followed, could lead to unintended consequences during the cleaning process.
  • Delve into the importance of understanding and following fabric care instructions. These guidelines ensure a careful and effective Silly Putty stain removal process, preventing potential damage to the fabric.

However, by acknowledging the urgency of swift action and respecting fabric care instructions, you lay the foundation for a successful Silly Putty stain removal journey. Yes, follow these attention and precautionary measures to enhance your chances of restoring your clothing to its stain-free glory.

Experts Tips For Silly Putty Stain Removal

When it comes to banishing Silly Putty stains from your favorite garments, expert tips can make all the difference. Here’s a breakdown of essential techniques to effectively tackle Silly Putty stains:

Preliminary Steps

  • Gently Scrape Off Excess Silly Putty: Begin by delicately scraping off any excess Silly Putty from the fabric, using a blunt edge such as a spoon or the back of a butter knife.
  • This initial step helps remove the bulk of the substance before diving into deeper cleaning methods.
  • Explore the art of gently scraping off Silly Putty, a crucial preliminary step in the stain removal process.

Applying Heat

  • Use a Hairdryer or Hot Water to Soften Silly Putty: Apply heat to the stained area by using a hairdryer or soaking the garment in hot water. 
  • The heat helps soften the Silly Putty, making it more pliable and easier to remove.
  • Understand the effectiveness of heat application in the Silly Putty stain removal process.

Stain-Treatment Products

  • Introduction of Commercial Stain Removers and DIY Solutions: Explore a variety of stain-treatment options, from commercial stain removers designed for fabric to DIY solutions using common household items. 
  • Understand the pros and cons of each approach for tailored stain removal.
  • Discover expert recommendations for effective products, both commercial and DIY, to combat Silly Putty stains.

Generally, armed with these expert tips on how to get silly putty out of fabric, you’re well-equipped to take on Silly Putty stains with confidence. Whether you opt for gentle scraping, heat application, or specialized stain removers, these strategies form a comprehensive guide to achieving successful Silly Putty stain removal.

What To Know Before You Start

What To Know Before Start Silly Putty Out Of Clothing

Be sure to keep the following things in mind when cleaning up stains.

The Test

  • During the process of removing stains, different cleaning agents and products are used. 
  • Before proceeding, you should test each of them in a hidden location.

The Cleaning Staff

  • Once again, stain removal is accomplished with different cleaning agents. 
  • Whenever you face a tough stain, it’s a good idea to try different cleaning solutions and methods. 
  • However, you must be careful. Vinegar should never be mixed with bleach because it can emit toxic fumes. 
  • If you don’t know how the 2 chemicals will react together, don’t mix them before researching first.

The Block

  • Whenever you deal with stains, it’s best to keep them contained in a specific area.
  • A palm could be used to prevent the blemish from spreading in the opposite direction. 
  • However, rags or cardboard should be used instead. 
  • By doing this, you will have greater flexibility and may not forget that you blocked the spot from reaching the other edge.

What You’ll Need To Remove Silly Putty

The following items will help you remove Silly Putty stains from most fabrics and clothing:

  • A Butter Knife
  • Water
  • Cotton Balls
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • White Vinegar
  • Vodka
  • WD-40
  • Ice Cubes
  • Goo Gone
  • Iron
  • Liquid Dish Soap

10 Best Ways To Remove Silly Putty From Fabrics

Best Ways To Remove Silly Putty From Fabrics

Getting rid of Silly Putty & other stains on furniture, clothing, and carpet does not require harsh chemicals. If you’re wondering how to eliminate the putty from clothes, avoid commercial stain removers since these treatments are effective and safe. Regardless of which method you choose, be sure to scrape off any excess Silly Putty.

  1. Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand sanitizer is an effective first step in removing Silly Putty from clothing. 
  • A typical sanitizing solution contains about 65 percent ethanol, which is powerful enough to remove most stains without damaging the materials. 
  • The Silly Putty dissolves quickly in hand sanitizer and evaporates, making the stain easy to remove.
  • As hand sanitizers may also contain fragrance and aloe vera, they may stain some fabrics, especially if left on too long. 
  • If you’re using hand sanitizer on Silly Putty, test the product on an out-of-the-way area first. 
  • The stain can be covered with hand sanitizer if the situation is safe. 
  • After you apply hand sanitizer, scrape immediately to break down the stain. 
  • The stain won’t come out with ice & liquid dish soap.
  1. Rubbing Alcohol
  • Rubbing alcohol’s texture is thinner compared to hand sanitizer, and you should be careful to not overdo it. 
  • It is possible that the Putty stain will spread when it dissolves. However, rubbing alcohol shouldn’t be applied directly to stains. 
  • Instead, apply rubbing alcohol to cotton balls soaked in the liquid. 
  • Whenever Silly Putty starts to break down, remove it with ice & dish soap if necessary.
  • Although rubbing alcohol appears pure and clear, dyes can stain fabrics if it includes other ingredients. 
  • Before working on the Putty stain, try a spot test. 
  • Even though rubbing alcohol can be used for mild bleaching, using it quickly should not be a problem. 
  • As soon as possible, wash your garments and use dish soap to remove the alcohol residue from clothes and other fabrics.
  1. White Vinegar
  • White vinegar works well for getting rid of stains from fabric, carpets, and surfaces.
  • Besides using it on Silly Putty, it’s an effective and safe disinfectant and cleaning agent. 
  • The stain-lifting power of vinegar makes it suitable for stain removal since vinegar is more gentle than most cleaners. 
  • In most cases, white vinegar will not stain fabrics but don’t use excessive amounts since it’s acidic. 
  • Never soak upholstery or other fabrics too long after mixing them with water.
  • Mix 1-part white vinegar with 2 parts waters, apply the stain remover to a cloth, and rub gently on the stain. 
  • While the goo dissolves, gently scrape it away from the fabric. 
  • To remove the vinegar odor from fabrics that cannot be washed, scrub lightly with baking soda, dab dry, then vacuum up any leftovers. 
  • When you’re having trouble removing Silly Putty from clothing, wash them as usual and use half a cup of vinegar to brighten their whites.
  1. Vodka
  • The stain should be covered with just enough vodka. 
  • After removing the excess goo, apply vodka to the stain gently. 
  • Alcohol evaporates quickly, you must act quickly. 
  • Wash garments and upholstery with dish detergent and water.
  • It doesn’t have to be expensive to use vodka for removing Silly Putty stains. 
  • A cheap vodka will work similarly to a premium brand on stains. 
  • Make sure to avoid flavored vodka, as it can reduce its stain-removing power by leaving a sticky residue behind.
  • For cleaning and stain removal, vodka works well on clothes, carpets, upholstery, and other fabrics. 
  • Whether it’s red wine or Silly Putty, vodka dissolves stains effectively without harming them.
  1. WD-40
  • WD-40 works wonders for removing grease stains, releasing rusted bolts, and reducing door squeaks, as well as getting out stains. 
  • If you have tried all the above-mentioned stains treatments and the mark is still present, you may need to take measures that are more drastic.
  • WD-40 should only be used in well-ventilated areas. Since WD-40 consists of petroleum products, caution should be taken when using it. 
  • Avoid using it on delicate materials, such as silk and satin, and don’t soak padding under upholstered furniture. 
  • The Silly Putty stain should be covered with just enough WD-40. Spray the stain on 2 sides if possible.
  • After 5 minutes, wipe the stain with WD-40. After removing the Silly Putty, scrub away the remaining stain, along with the residual WD-40, using dish liquid and water. 
  • To remove the strong chemical smell of WD-40, wash clothes immediately and wipe upholstery with damp paper towels.
  1. Ice
  • Ice can also be used to remove silly putty spots. 
  • For sensitive materials that cannot be exposed to harsh chemicals, ice works well.
  • However, it can be used on all textiles either alone or before or after scraping the stain away with rubbing alcohol.
  • The ice hardens the stain by chilling it, making it harder without drying it. 
  • In general, a harder stain is more easily scraped off. 
  • Apply an ice cube to the stain, then scrape away the Silly Putty with a knife.
  1. Goo Gone
  • Goo Gone is an all-purpose cleaner that removes sticky dirt from surfaces. 
  • When you wash the clothes after using it, it doesn’t usually leave a discoloration behind.
  • In the beginning, scrape away some Silly Putty, then apply Goo Gone to a rag or cotton ball.
  • After applying Goo Gone to the clothing, wash the Silly Putty off with a scrub brush.
  • Use dish soap on the stain, and then add vinegar to the wash with ½ cup of water.
  • The Goo Gone stain & odor will be removed this way.
  1. Iron
  • Silly Putty can also be removed with iron since it melts and pulls out of fabric.
  • Nevertheless, the putty will adhere better to cloth when ironed on top of the stain.
  • When using the old cloth, choose one that you won’t mind going through afterward. In any case, you should not try to take off the putty as well.
  • Start by placing the clothing on the ironing board and towel, then warming the iron. After that, lay an old cloth over the putty stain. 
  • Next, apply heat to the spot for a couple of seconds and check for leftover putty by pulling up the fabric.
  • Over the stain, iron a clean section of the cloth for several seconds also. 
  • Without rotating the cloth, the process won’t work as the putty may adhere to the fabric’s original stain while over-ironing it.
  • In order to remove the stain completely, you should repeat this step a few times. 
  • There may still be residue there, which may require you to use rubbing alcohol or vinegar again.
  1. Liquid Dish Soap
  • Depending on the cleaning supplies you used, you may be dealing with staining from grease after removing the putty itself. 
  • If this stain is not removed before washing, it could be set, particularly if the fabric is dried.
  • Liquid dish soap is an effective product for removing grease stains. Grease and oils are broken down by dish soap on dishes, & it is the same with clothing.
  • Put some liquid dish soap on the stain, and use a sponge, or an old toothbrush, for scrubbing, use a cloth. Greasy stains will be broken down by the soap.
  • Following the removal of grease soap with dish soap, the clothes are ready to be washed. 
  • Once you’ve removed all Silly Putty, move on. Using one, two, or even all of the following methods above may be necessary if it hasn’t.
  1. Clothes Washing
  • When washing your clothing, use the same detergent you always use. 
  • But, if the stain persists, vinegar can be added in ½ cup measure to eliminate any odors.
  • Upon washing, make sure the clothing has been free of grease stains before drying.
  • When clothes are put in the dryer with oil stains on them, it might be difficult to remove the stain.
  • If a grease stain remains, wash the clothing with dish soap once more. 
  • If you have completely removed the Silly Putty & grease stain from the clothing, then you can hang it to dry.

Common FAQs From Quora and Reddit

How do I get magnetic putty out of clothes?

Answer: 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol if it’s non-synthetic fabric. If it’s synthetic fabric try some WD-40. In both cases only after you remove as much from the putty as possible beforehand, which works best by sticking some extra putty to it and (immediately!) quickly pulling it away. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need professionals and get your clothes to the local dry cleaner or something.

How do I get chap stick out of clothing?

Answer: Chapstick is a combination of wax and oils. Use a stain pretreatment, following the directions for an oily stain. Surprisingly, both ordinary shampoo and dishwashing soap will both do a great job. WD-40 is another alternative, and as an added bonus it will make the whole wash smell like a bike repair shop.

The traditional approach is to use a stain pre-treatment product like Spray-n-Wash, Shout, etc.; any of those should do the trick. Neither bleach nor “enzyme” action will have any effect. After pre-treating, wash normally in warm or hot water.

kids got silly putty on our blanket. How do I get it put?

Answer: You could freeze it, like with gum or WD40 removes stuff like gum, glue, tar, or candle wax, you could try that on it but I’d do it in an inconspicuous place and don’t over soak it, then wash it with a stain remover like varnish. Rubbing alcohol, try a test spot for color fastness. Then, you can try white vinegar, it definitely works on slime so I suspect it would work with putty.

How To Get Putty Out Of Carpet?

How To Get Putty Out Of Carpet

Your carpet can be cleaned of Silly Putty easily. Because the carpet fibers have an uneven texture, they may be getting tougher to remove. The carpet cannot be washed in the washing machine, so you will need a cleaner that won’t leave a stain.

Use a dry-cleaning product rather than WD-40. As a result, it can create a difficult-to-clean stain from the Silly Putty. In contrast, the most effective way to remove Silly Putty from the carpet is to use a mixture of rubbing alcohol & ice or Goo Gone & rubbing alcohol.

In case the Silly Putty spot is fresh, scrape it off with blades with blunt edges as much as possible. When the putty sits for a couple of days, some cleaning products are essential to loosening it before scraping it off.

Get started by rubbing ice over the stain. Next, scrape away the excess putty. The Goo Gone should be poured or sprayed onto the cloth first, therefore rubbed onto the stain.

Using rubbing alcohol alternately with scraping away the putty is removed. 

Next, clean the carpet with dish soap & water, removing any alcohol or Goo Gone. As the Silly Putty works, you’ll notice some color appearing on the towel. Water should only be used to rinse the area. The cloth can also be soaked in water and rinsed.

How To Remove Silly Putty From Fabric Couch?

How To Remove Silly Putty From Fabric Couch

You can remove silly putty from fabric couches in a similar way to clothing & carpets. In contrast to clothing, you cannot wash a couch afterward. Similarly, scrape off as much Silly Putty as possible if it’s fresh. 

Depending on how old the putty is, you may need to loosen it first. You can clean the couch with ice & rubbing alcohol. Products used for cleaning will then leave no stains and the cleanup will be simpler. Before using the alcohol on your couch, test for discoloration in a hidden area.

Rub the area first ice on the stain. Once the ice begins to freeze, use the knife with a blunt edge to scrape off some Silly Putty. Continue using the ice till you’ve removed all the putty. Use rubbing alcohol when the ice doesn’t work by itself. Using the knife and the alcohol, Silly Putty should be removed alternately.

Once the putty is off, you should clean the couch with alcohol to get rid of grease stains. Use dish soap and water to thoroughly sanitize the couch.

Scrub the Silly Putty area with a cloth dipped in dish soap & water solution. Following a thorough cleaning, wipe the soap away with a cloth moistened with water and scrub vigorously.

Does Silly Putty Stick To Clothes?

Does Silly Putty Stick To Clothes

Almost any surface will stick to Silly Putty, including fabrics, clothing, and carpets. Silly Putty is flexible and assembles well due to its adhesives and bonding agents.

Glass, wood, and even tile won’t stick to Silly Putty due to their uniform texture. However, soft surfaces, like fabrics, don’t always have a similar texture, regardless of how they appear.

While Silly Putty sticks to clothing, it is easier to peel off from uniformly textured clothing. Silly Putty will be difficult to remove from fleece clothing, for example, due to its unique texture. Silly Putty also has the same problem getting out of carpets.

Will Sticky Putty Come Out Of Clothes After Washing?

Will Sticky Putty Come Out Of Clothes After Washing

When washing clothes with Silly Putty on them, it may be possible to get them off. However, drying the clothes will make it impossible to remove them. As Silly Putty dries, it will bind more tightly to clothing fibers. In that case, removing it might damage the clothing.

By removing Silly Putty after washing and before drying, it may be possible to remove it. Washing clothes repeatedly won’t get Silly Putty out. For the stain to come out, you must treat it.


01. How to get Silly Putty out of a Blanket?

Answer: A blanket can be frozen in the freezer if there is sufficient room in the freezer. It is also possible to use ice cubes. The WD 40 technique has also proven helpful to many customers. It works great with rubbing alcohol, but liquid dish soap could ruin the fabric. Before relying on one of the above solutions, make sure you know the blanket’s fiber type.

02. Does Silly Putty dissolve in water?

Answer: When Silly Putty is exposed to alcohol, it will dissolve; once it evaporates, it loses its original functionality. By submerging Silly Putty in hot or warm water, the material will soften and melt quickly. As a result, removing small amounts from surfaces becomes more difficult.

03. How do you remove Silly Putty from your hair?

Answer: If you wish to remove Silly Putty from your hair, use warm water and hair conditioner or baby oil generously. Use whichever product you prefer to massage around your scalp & Putty area, comb it gently through, and then rinse. Once Silly Putty has been removed, wash your hair with shampoo.

04. Is Silly Putty biodegradable?

Answer: Basically, silly putty is non-toxic, except for excessive consumption, a tasteless substance when eaten. Both the glue and the silly putty are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

05. What chemical removes putty?

Answer: To remove the putty, you’ll need 1 pint of linseed oil, 1 pint of regular bleach, a strong paintbrush, and some putty removal tools. Make a mixture of oil & bleach, mix it, and use a brush to apply it to the dried putty using a wet brush. After an hour, apply a 2nd coat of the mixture.

06. What dissolves a silly string?

Answer: Taking care of Silly String is as easy as mixing 3 ingredients: mineral spirits, water, and a spray bottle to mix them. Add equal parts of water & mineral spirits to the bottle. Once the solution has been sprayed onto the messy areas, let it sit a few minutes before you wash it off.

07. What will soften putty?

Answer: You can make your putty really soft by adding liquid hand soap. If you want to thin your putty, use a scented or in-scented hand soap. Put a small amount of soap into your putty, and gently massage it in. Once the putty reaches a soft consistency, fold and knead it again.

08. Can nail polish remover remove putty?

Answer: Make the putty easier to remove by chilling it with ice cubes. Next, soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover. Yes, just use nail polish remover on the stain and blot it. Until it disappears, repeat the process as needed.

09. Can thinners remove putty?

Answer: A paint thinner, mineral spirits, or a kitchen scrubber should be sufficient. When it comes to removing tough, stubborn putty, heat can sometimes be helpful. Direct some heat onto the surface using a heat gun or hair dryer. If the putty is softened, it should be easier to peel off.

10. How do you remove old sticky putty?

Answer: Dish soap and warm water can be used to dampen paper towels. Working with a soapy towel, gently rub over the area to loosen and remove as much putty as possible. Use All Purpose cleaner to remove residue stains. Paper towels should be used for wiping. If necessary, repeat the process.

11. How do you dissolve dried putty?

Answer: In case putty residue remains behind, clean it up with mineral spirits. With putty’s binding compound based on linseed oil, the mineral spirit is an ideal solvent for dissolving it.

The Bottom Line

You all know how to get silly putty out of clothing. Firstly, scrape off as much putty as you can, then you can use hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, white vinegar, ice, WD 40, iron, & vodka, or another cleaning agent intended to get rid of sticky substances.

Remember, the battle against Silly Putty stains is not just about removing a blemish; it’s about preserving the integrity of your clothing. The right techniques can help you get silly putty out of clothing. Apply these techniques promptly and effectively, turning a potentially frustrating situation into a victorious tale of stain removal mastery. 

To help someone who wants to get rid of Silly Putty, please share this article and let us know how it goes for you. I hope you enjoyed reading it! Happy cleaning!