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Is French Terry Good For Summer

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Currently, Terry cloth, a.k.a. towel clothing, is our favorite summer fashion trend. Yeah, you read that right. We associate plush fabrics with fun beach days & backyard pool parties, which is exactly the vibe we’re trying to recreate this summer. 

For instance, if you’d like to enjoy a comfortable weekend, pick terrycloth loungewear. When working out intensely, you probably want something that has moisture-wicking, anti-odor, & cooling capabilities, such as bamboo fabric. 

Can French terry be worn in the summer? The number of fabrics available today, each with a similar name, can make it difficult to distinguish them. Quite a few people are interested in French Terry fabric, especially if it is warm. In addition, what are the differences between French Terry and Terry Cloth material?

Exactly what are French Terry fabrics made of, and what is the material? Is french terry good for summer? French terry fabric is a flexible, lightweight fabric ideal for active and casual wear, such as sweatshirts, hoodies, and pullovers. You can either choose a 100% cotton fabric or one with cotton and rayon, spandex, lycra, organic soy or polyester.

No worries, we’ll clear up all your confusion in this article actually Is french terry good for summer? So, without further ado, scroll down and read below.

Is French Terry Good For Summer? Or Not? In-Depth Discussions

Summer is one of our favorite seasons. Warm afternoons spent on our patio, weekend BBQs, and playing golf are just some of the things we enjoy. However, summer clothing can get damaged by the July & August heat. Keep yourself comfortable yet maintain your style by choosing the proper clothing. (Yeah, you can remain cool and look stylish.) Here are all the details about your favorite summer fabrics.

What Is French Terry?

Our favorite fabric this summer season is terry cloth obviously. In general, Terry comes in two varieties: 

  1. French terry
  2. Towel Terry
  • Casual clothing is typically made from French terry. 
  • The fabric is smooth on the outside and looped on the inside. 
  • This classic sweatshirt looks great. The towel terry fabric we see from brands such as 04651/A trip in a bag, Ralph Lauren, and Sunspel is among the fabrics we see. 
  • Because the fabric is open-weave, it allows air to flow easily and regulates your body temperature in the summer. 
  • In addition to keeping you cool, it also creates the illusion that you’re lying by a pool, regardless of where you are. 
  • Terry cloth isn’t just a vacation accessory; it’s also trendy and worth wearing outside of the beach.

The French Terry: How It’s Made

  • While sweatshirt fleece is made of polyester, French terry is made with 100% cotton.
  • Most commonly, it is made of a blend of cotton and polyester. (80%/20%)
  • Weaving French Terry uses 2 threads, with one thread having loose tension.
  • Loose threads are pushed back as the other yarn is woven together. It is these loops that make Terry so distinctive.
  • Traditionally, French terry is hand knit, but nowadays, it is usually machine knitted.

French Terry Cloth: Characteristics

  • Fabric facing outwards has a smooth, flat surface. It is very similar to fleece sweatshirts in appearance and texture.
  • As opposed to fleece, the inside loops of french terry aren’t brushed to create a fuzzy texture.
  • Instead, they are left undisturbed.
  • This gives French Terry its distinctive look. In addition, it is water-absorbent.
  • There are several weights available in french terry, but they are usually very light.
  • Cloth woven with loops absorbs moisture quickly. This is what builds french terry’s ideal for summer.
  • Using cotton thread, French terry can absorb as much water as 27 times its own weight.
  • French Terry is a very strong material and will not be damaged by most twisting, rubbing, tugging, or pulling.

4 Reasons To Choose French Terry For Sweatshirts And Casual Clothing

We use Terry cloth to make towels – it is a known fabric. However, as you have probably been paying attention to fashion, there is a current trend for casual and sportswear that involves French Terry. Can you explain exactly what French Terry is and why it is so popular?

François Terry remains incredibly popular, and it is likely that this trend will continue, because:

  1. Super Comfy: You’ll love the soft yarn piles inside the fabric, making it feel luxurious and comfortable on your skin.
  2. Keep Cool And Dry: Clothes with moisture-wicking capabilities wick away sweat. Cotton fibers can absorb as much water as 27 times their own weight.
  3.  Flexible: The French Terry provides an excellent level of stretch for activities such as yoga, exercising, and just lounging around.
  4. Great For Layering: Lighter than a sweatshirt, but heavier than a t-shirt, making it suitable year-round to wear under or over other clothes.

Similar Materials To French Terry

If you’re looking for the best comfortable fabric, French terry might be an option to consider. Consequently, why is French Terry a better choice than the others listed below? 

Jersey: This fabric has a smooth back and front. A blend of elastane often contributes to the stretch & recovery rate. Compared to the traditional jersey, French terry usually feels heavier. With the lining looped inside out, it will absorb moisture, retain heat, and trap air. 

Fleece Fabric: French terry & fleece are both knitted fabrics, but in the manufacturing process of fleece, the yarn loops are shredded. In this respect, it is less breathable compared to French terry sweatshirts or joggers. 

Towel Terry: You can identify towel terry by the longer loops on one or both sides. Super absorbent, it is commonly used to clean cloths & towels rather than clothing.

Velour: A French fabric that is similar to velvet in both appearance & texture, manufactured in the 19th century. Cotton and polyester are the 2 main types of Velour. A big difference between velour and French terry vs velour does not absorb as much water as French terry does. 

There is no doubt that all the fabrics mentioned above are suitable for fashion. However, for natural softness and eco-friendliness, we prefer French terry. Made from organic cotton and sustainably sourced, Classic T-Shirt offers luxury clothing of the highest quality. 

French Terry Vs Terry Cloth: What’s The Difference?

  • Due to the similar names, French terry cloth and French terry fabric are frequently confused, causing confusion among many people. 
  • Despite that, Terrycloth sweatshirts are probably not a good choice. Terry cloth is typically used when making bath towels & bathrobes, whereas French terry is typically used for sweat shirts, sweat pants, and casual wear such as joggers. 
  • While both items have soft piles, french terry is softer & smoother, so you’ll feel more comfortable wearing french terry clothing. 
  • In terms of absorbency, French terry is moderate, while terry cloth has a high absorption rate, which makes it ideal to dry off after swimming or showering. 
  • Terry cloth can be identified by its large, twisted yarn loops on either side.

French Terry And Sweatshirt Fleece: What’s The Difference?

  • Due to the fact that french terry is popular for sweat pants, sweatshirts, and joggers, you may wonder if there is a difference between sweatshirt fleece and french terry. 
  • There is a major difference between both fabrics in the processing of their materials. 
  • For both sweatshirt fleece vs french terry, there are loops of yarn that are woven into the fabric, adding to the garment’s interior when worn. 
  • In contrast, french terry fabrics retain their yarn loops, allowing them to wick moisture, breathe, and absorb moisture. Contrary to this, sweatshirt fleece’s backside is cut up & shrunk, giving it the soft, cozy feel that many people love. 
  • Therefore, sweatshirt fleeces are less breathable and do not wick away moisture, unlike french terry fabrics. 
  • When made from sweatshirt fleece, a sweatshirt will be thicker and warmer than one made from french terry.

Why French Terry Is The Perfect Material For Sweatshirts & Loungewear

  • When it comes to activewear and loungewear, style is king, so French terry is an excellent choice. 
  • The looped side of the fabric quickly absorbs moisture; every loop holds a lot more water than it weighs. 
  • During the summer, French Terry t-shirts and joggers are attractive due to this feature. French Terry also keeps you warm during colder weather.

The Classic Tip: Place a French terry outer layer over your gym clothes after a workout to enjoy its benefits.

French Terry Fabrics & Cloths: Cleaning And Maintenance

The French terry fabric can be hard to clean, & it may even shrink. Though there are a few steps to follow, French terry can be maintained if you follow the instructions carefully. 

  • Your clothes won’t have to be dry cleaned, just wash them on a cool cycle and tumble them gently. 
  • Be sure to bulk up several garments at the same time to save energy.  
  • In the event of stubborn stains, try not to contaminate your organic cotton fabric with harsh chemicals such as bleach, since it can ruin it. 
  • Use white vinegar as a pre-treatment before washing the fabric in a mild natural detergent

Benefits Of Using French Terry Fabric

While french terry looks like great material for lounging & exercising, it offers other benefits as well.

It’s Very Stretchy

French terry is a fabric that moves with your body and is extremely flexible. Are you aware that the clothes you wear should suit you, as opposed to vice versa? 

The French terry fabric has you covered – you can move and lounge freely with no restrictions on your clothing.

It’s Durable

As French Terry moves so well with your body, it is durable as well. Rips and tears aren’t a problem, as knits such as terry can stretch & pull without damage. It’s also easy to prevent fraying since knits have unhemmed edges that roll upwards. 

Moreover, washing the fabric couldn’t be any easier: French terry does not require special washing or drying instructions, so you won’t have to worry about it wrinkled.

Pro Tips

Is French terry fabric good for summer wear? I often get asked this question. Definitely yes! French terry is an excellent medium-weight, cotton fabric that is ideal for sewing throughout the year. 

  • French Terry’s composition should always be checked before buying. Both natural and synthetic fibers can be used in French terry. Polyester, for example, can be hot & sweaty in the summer months. As a result, experts suggest avoiding French terry which contains polyester.
  • Melco French Terry is made from 92% Cotton & 8% Spandex. Throughout the fabric, the spandex and weaving process creates a delightful 4-way stretch. In addition to stretching both vertically and horizontally, this fabric is comfortable to wear. 
  • When buying fabric, it is also important to consider its weight. The unit of measurement for fabric is “Grams per Square Metre” (GSM). This medium-weight Melco French terry is perfect for any season.
  • How can you use French Terry in the summer? Honestly, my favorite summer French Terry projects are shorts, overalls, & loose t-shirts. Several benefits of child’s shorts made of French terry include their softness, stretch, easy maintenance, and durability.


01. What Is French Terry Knit?

There are a number of knitted fabrics similar to French terry, but French terry is superior to jersey, fleece or velour. There are loops on only one side of this textile, while the other side has soft yarn piles. 

02. Is French Terry Shrinkable?

Due to the cotton content in French terry, the fabric may shrink. Despite this, The Original T-shirt Company’s French terry garments are already shrink-resistant and are made from shape-retention materials. Therefore, the clothes you purchase will maintain their shape for years to come. No shrinking, and no stretching, just comfortable & flattering. 

03. Can You Remain Warm With French Terry? 

When needed, French terry retains both warmth and coolness at the same time. The fabric is midweight, which means it is heavier than cotton T-shirts but not as warm as sweatshirts. The fabric’s loops wick moisture away very effectively, allowing the wearer to remain comfortable all the seasons. 

04. Why Is French Terry A More Expensive Fabric?

Classic T-shirt Company’s French terry fabrics are made with 100% organic cotton. The price for this is usually higher than that for cotton produced under unethical conditions. On the other hand, from an environmental, humanitarian, and business perspective, the investment is well worth it. 

By choosing organic cotton, you avoid pesticides, fertilizers, & chemical dyes that damage the environment & produce poor-quality fabrics. Additionally, we actively oppose any methods of production that exploit employees or harm local communities. 

It’s worth paying a little more for luxury loungewear made from organic cotton, according to the company’s loyal customers. 

05. Are French Terry Clothes Safe for Babies?

YES. As soon as it is washed, French terry can be used for babies.

06. Are There Sustainable French Terry Clothes?

Classic T-Shirt Manufacturing specializes in sustainable French terry shirts, with all being GOTS-certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard examines all aspects of organic textile production, including textile production, labeling, and licensing. Using this method, we ensure that sustainable, ethical, & high-quality textiles such as ours are accessible to consumers around the world. 

07. What are the most common uses for French Terry Fabric?

The soft and cozy nature of French terry makes it ideal for loungewear, as well as for light exercise. With its moisture-wicking and breathability capabilities, it’s ideally suited for specific exercises: suitable for walking and hiking, gentle pilates or yoga, as well as gentle to moderate exercise. The fabric is lightweight and comfortable.

Additionally, it’s a great choice for extra comfort while running errands or spending time with friends. In addition, you can layer it, whether you’re commuting or training, and even over fabrics that don’t hold heat. If you come across a garment with a similar appearance, it is probably made from French Terry.

08. French Terry – How Do I Recognize It?

French Terry is characterized by having different looks on the inside & outside. Due to the fabric’s single-knit construction, one side displays loops (other smooth, & flat appearance) whereas the opposite side presents a textured appearance.

A French Terry sweatshirt is a medium-weight material; it’s a bit lighter than traditional sweatshirts like fleece, yet still keeps you warm. Because it’s lighter, it’s easier to wear and more versatile.

09. Does French Terry Cloth Snag?

Sometimes yes. Clothes made from French terry rarely snag.

10. What Is The Best Way To Clean French Terry?

There are few fabrics as low-maintenance as French terry, so it doesn’t require dry-cleaning, hand washing, or specific washing instructions. The French terry can be machine washed, allowing odors to be released. Since it is 100% cotton, french terry absorbs odors from its fibers very quickly after washing. 

Your clothes will smell fresher thanks to this than synthetics, whereas they tend to retain odors. It is easiest to maintain and clean French terry by washing it gently with cold water, then tumble dry it at low temperatures. 

11. Is French Terry Wrinkle-Resistant?

French terry cloth is extremely simple to maintain, which makes it extremely popular. Because it is naturally stretchy since it is made of knit fabric. Occasionally, French terry can wrinkle if you store it in a suitcase for several days. 

In most cases, it will not wrinkle unless you make an extra effort. French terry clothing can wrinkle easily, but a quick dryer session will do the trick, so the problem will be quickly resolved.


Is french terry good for summer? Obviously YES. During the summer, you can be more daring and experimental (you aren’t covered with 5 layers). Clothing isn’t all about looking good, but about having confidence in your appearance. Being comfortable this summer season begins with wearing the right fabrics.

French terry makes the perfect fabric for relaxing or going out. Due to its versatility, it’s also suitable for multiple seasons as well as different types of plans. Try wearing French Terry next time!

We firmly believe that your values should be worn wherever you go. If you want to make a difference in the fashion industry, then why not buy sustainable clothing?

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