OxiClean Vs Borax: Ultimate Laundry Booster Showdown

oxiclean vs borax

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Conquering tough stains and achieving a brighter clean are every laundry warrior’s goals. But when it comes to choosing the right booster, OxiClean and Borax emerge as popular contenders. Fear not, laundry enthusiasts! This comprehensive guide delves into the depths of OxiClean vs. Borax, equipping you with the knowledge to pick the perfect weapon for your next laundry battle.

What should you pick between OxiClean vs Borax? When battling set-in stains or reviving dull whites, OxiClean is your champion. Hence, for delicate or those with sensitive skin, Borax offers a gentle clean and combats hard water issues. Thus, heavily soiled laundry? Consider combining OxiClean and Borax (always check care labels first) for a powerful cleaning duo.

Basically, by understanding their strengths and weaknesses, you can choose the laundry booster that best suits your cleaning needs and fabric types. Remember, a well-equipped laundry warrior is a laundry warrior who conquers all!

Borax vs OxiClean: Comparison Chart

Ingredients:Sodium percarbonate, activators (often)Sodium tetraborate (natural mineral)
Stain Removal Strength:StrongModerate
Whitening Power:EffectiveMild
Hard Water Softening:NoYes
Gentleness:Moderate (may irritate sensitive skin)Gentle (natural)
Safety:Follow instructions carefullyFollow instructions carefully
Other Uses:Carpet cleaning, degreasingN/A

Deep Dive: OxiClean vs. Borax – Unveiling Similarities & Differences

Now that you know when to pick OxiClean or Borax, let’s delve deeper and explore their inner workings:


  • OxiClean: This laundry booster packs a punch with sodium percarbonate, a bleaching agent that releases oxygen bubbles. Often, OxiClean also includes activators to enhance its cleaning power.
  • Borax: A champion of natural cleaning, Borax is simply sodium tetraborate, a naturally occurring mineral.


While both OxiClean and Borax improve laundry results, their specialties differ:

  • OxiClean: A stain-fighting powerhouse, OxiClean tackles tough organic stains like grease, protein, and even some plant-based pigments. Additionally, it brightens whites and revives colors.
  • Borax: This gentle warrior offers a multi-pronged attack. It deodorizes laundry, softens hard water to improve overall cleaning, and can even give your regular detergent a slight boost.

How It Works:

The science behind these boosters tackles laundry challenges in unique ways:

  • OxiClean: When added to water, OxiClean’s sodium percarbonate releases oxygen bubbles. These bubbles break down stain molecules and lift them from fabric fibers, leaving your clothes cleaner and brighter.
  • Borax: This mineral doesn’t directly attack stains. Instead, it softens hard water minerals that can hinder detergent effectiveness. Softer water allows your detergent to work more efficiently, resulting in a cleaner wash.

How to Use:

Both OxiClean and Borax are effective laundry boosters, but proper use is crucial:

  • Always follow the instructions on the product label. This ensures you use the correct dosage for optimal cleaning and avoids potential damage to your clothes.


Safety first! Here’s what to remember:

  • Keep both OxiClean and Borax out of reach of children and pets.
  • If you have sensitive skin, wear gloves when handling OxiClean. Its stain-fighting power can be irritating.

Other Products:

OxiClean and Borax offer different application options:

  • OxiClean: This versatile booster comes in various formulations like powders, liquids, & even sprays, allowing for targeted cleaning on specific stains.
  • Borax: Primarily found as a powder, Borax is a popular ingredient in DIY cleaning solutions due to its multi-purpose nature.

However, by understanding these differences and similarities, you can make informed decisions about which laundry booster best suits your needs. Remember, a well-equipped laundry warrior has the right tool for every laundry battle!

Picking Your Laundry Champion: OxiClean vs Borax

Conquering your laundry woes requires the right weapon. But with OxiClean and Borax, both vying for your attention, choosing the champion can be tricky. Fear not, for this guide will help you make an informed decision based on your laundry battlefield:

The Stain Slayer: OxiClean

  • Strengths: OxiClean is your go-to warrior for tough stains like grease, protein, and even some plant-based pigments. It also boasts whitening power, reviving dull whites and colors.
  • Ideal for: Laundry facing heavy stains, grimy clothes, or needing a brightness boost.
  • Considerations: OxiClean can be harsh on sensitive skin and may not be suitable for all delicate.

The Gentle Warrior: Borax

  • Strengths: Borax is a natural choice for those seeking a gentle clean. It deodorizes, softens hard water for better cleaning, and gives your detergent a mild cleaning boost.
  • Ideal for: Delicate fabrics, sensitive skin, or laundry that need a refresh without harsh chemicals.
  • Considerations: Borax has a milder stain removal effect compared to OxiClean and minimal whitening abilities.

The Dream Team:

Heavily soiled laundry sometimes requires a combined effort. Consider using both OxiClean and Borax (always check care labels first) for a powerful cleaning duo!

Here’s a quick cheat sheet to help you pick your champion:

Laundry NeedsChampion
Tough Stains & Brightening:OxiClean
Delicate Fabrics & Gentle Cleaning:Borax
Heavily Soiled Laundry (check care labels):OxiClean + Borax

Remember: The best choice depends on your specific laundry challenges. By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of OxiClean & Borax, you can conquer even the toughest laundry battles and emerge victorious with clean, fresh clothes!

Pro Tips & Additional Information


While both OxiClean & Borax offer effective cleaning, their environmental impact differs:

  • OxiClean: The jury’s still out on the full environmental impact of OxiClean. While some ingredients may biodegrade, others might not. Additionally, packaging plays a role. Look for brands with recyclable packaging.
  • Borax: A naturally occurring mineral, Borax generally has a lower environmental impact compared to OxiClean. However, its processing and packaging can still contribute. Choose brands that prioritize eco-friendly practices.

Alternatives to OxiClean and Borax:

For those seeking natural laundry boosters, consider these eco-friendly options:

  • Baking Soda: A natural deodorizer and mild stain remover. It can also soften hard water.
  • Washing Soda: Stronger than baking soda, washing soda tackles tough stains and grease but requires careful use due to its higher alkalinity.

DIY Cleaning Recipes:

Pre-Soak for Tough Stains (using OxiClean or Borax):

  • Mix 1 tablespoon of OxiClean or Borax with 1 gallon of warm water. Soak heavily soiled laundry for 30 minutes to 1 hour before washing.

Deodorizing Laundry (using Borax):

  • Add ½ cup of Borax to your wash cycle along with your regular detergent.

Naturally Softening Hard Water (using Borax):

  • Add ¼ cup of Borax to your wash cycle to help soften hard water and improve cleaning effectiveness.

Remember: Always test any DIY cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of fabric before full application.

Ultimately, With a deeper understanding of OxiClean, Borax, and their eco-friendly alternatives, you’re now a well-equipped laundry warrior! This guide empowers you to choose the right booster for your needs, tackle laundry challenges confidently, & achieve a clean victory every laundry day – all while considering the environmental impact. So, go forth, conquer your laundry battles, and embrace a fresher, more sustainable laundry routine!


Here are some of the most common questions people ask about OxiClean vs. Borax:

Question-1: Is OxiClean or Borax better for stains?


  • OxiClean is generally better for tough stains like grease, protein, and some plant-based pigments. It releases oxygen bubbles that break down stains.
  • Borax can help with some stains but isn’t as powerful as OxiClean.

Question-2: Is OxiClean or Borax better for whites?


  • OxiClean has whitening power due to the oxygen bubbles that can brighten fabrics.
  • Borax has minimal whitening abilities.

Question-3: Is Borax or OxiClean safer for sensitive skin?


  • Borax is a natural mineral and gentler on sensitive skin.
  • OxiClean can be irritating, so wear gloves if you have sensitive skin.

Question-4: Can I use OxiClean and Borax together?


  • Yes, you can consider using both for heavily soiled laundry (always check care labels first).

Question-5: Is OxiClean or Borax better for hard water?

  • Borax softens hard water minerals, allowing detergent to work more effectively.
  • OxiClean doesn’t directly address hard water.

Question-6: Is OxiClean or Borax more eco-friendly?


  • Borax generally has a lower environmental impact as it’s a naturally occurring mineral.
  • OxiClean’s ingredients and packaging can have a higher impact. Look for eco-friendly brands.

Question-7: Are there natural alternatives to OxiClean and Borax?


  • Yes! Baking soda is a natural deodorizer and mild stain remover, and washing soda tackles tougher stains and grease (use with caution due to its higher alkalinity).

Question-8: How do I pre-treat stains with OxiClean or Borax?


  • Mix 1 tablespoon of OxiClean or Borax with 1 gallon of warm water. Then, soak heavily soiled laundry for 30 minutes to 1 hour before washing.

Question-9: Can I use Borax to deodorize laundry?


  • Yes! Add ½ cup of Borax to your wash cycle with your regular detergent.

Question-10: Can I use Borax to soften hard water in my wash?


  • Yes! Add ¼ cup of Borax to your wash cycle to help soften hard water and improve cleaning effectiveness.

Remember: Always test any DIY cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area of fabric before full application.

Conclusion: Choosing Your Laundry Weapon Wisely

The battle for clean clothes is a war waged every laundry day. But with OxiClean vs Borax in your arsenal, you’re no longer just a soldier – you’re a laundry general!

Actually, OxiClean stands strong against tough stains and dullness, while Borax offers a gentle clean and tackles hard water woes. Remember, sometimes the best strategy is a combined attack – unleash the power of both for heavily soiled laundry (always check care labels first).

Finally, for tough stains and brightening: OxiClean is your champion. For gentle cleaning, deodorizing, and hard water softening: Borax is your hero. Consider combining them! For heavily soiled laundry, a tag team of OxiClean and Borax can work wonders (check care labels first).

No matter your laundry challenge, with this newfound knowledge, you can confidently choose the champion that best suits your needs. So, go forth, brave warrior, & conquer your laundry battles with confidence!