How Much Does Fabric Cost? Authentic Price Checklist

How Much Does Fabric Cost

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Are you just discovering that you enjoy sewing clothing for yourself? It might be your way of earning some money. Making new cuts and playing with fabrics is so much fun. As a hobbyist or as a professional, sewing involves expenses. In order to make your items, you’ll need tools & fabric. 

New sewers may wonder, “How much does fabric cost? ” Well, then! Fabric costs $30 to $60 per yard on average. There are a variety of factors that can affect it.  

Usually, the fabric is sold in yards or bolts. Hence, fabric prices are determined by a number of aspects. The cost of fabric is usually determined by its quality & material. Additionally, color, weight, and fiber type influence fabric prices as well.

In our article, we explain how fabric prices are determined and where to find them. You can learn how to find even cheaper shopping spots here. Getting to know new fabric sources will only take you a few minutes.

How Much Does Fabric Cost Actually?

Retail & wholesale fabric costs are determined by both generic categories and the quality of the material. The term ‘count’ is commonly used to describe how thick or fine a fabric is.

Yards with a finer weave will be more expensive. The fabric’s weight is also important because more weight will costlier. In addition, wholesalers and retailers charge shipping & handling fees. End prices can be extremely high based on how much a buyer buys.

Fabric Yardage – What Does it Cost?

In terms of fabric costs, sets do not exist price. However, high quality fabrics typically cost $15 to $50 per yard, and luxury fabrics can cost $1,000 a yard. Fabric prices can be affected by a number of factors. Prices may also differ based on where it was purchased. A few factors affect the price per yard of fabric. Well, let’s see.

Material Type 

Price is greatly influenced by the type of fabric used. Due to their light weight and availability, cotton & polyester are usually cheaper fabrics. More delicate fabrics like lace, silk, and satin typically cost more and heavier fabrics such as wool, velvet, and denim. Their availability is limited, and they are more costly to manufacture.

Fabric Width

Many fabrics are measured by the linear yard when bought by the yard. As a result, the fabric measures 36 inches, which is typical for a yard. Whatever the fabric type, measurements of 36-inches will be taken before it is cut.

Since fabrics are made from a variety of materials and many types, their width may exceed 36 inches. Depending on the fabric type, the width will affect the price per yard.

Retail Competition And Fabric Quality

 Fabrics with low quality are cheaper to produce because they are of lower quality. High-quality cotton costs more than low-quality cotton. Also, fabric retailers’ competition can affect prices. Retailers compete against one another to bring in more customers by lowering prices.

How Does Fabric Become Expensive?

Fabric prices per yard can be affected by the factors we discussed previously. The majority of the price is determined by the fabric’s composition, which influences the cost per yard. Fabric prices are affected by several factors – raw material costs, size and chemical costs, as well as production charges.

Raw Materials

Creating fabric requires raw materials such as fibers, thread, and yarn. Fabric costs are primarily driven by raw materials cost.

The price of fiber depends on its quality & how it is sourced. There are many types of fibers, including wool, silk, linen, cotton, and polyester. The availability of cotton in greater quantities makes it affordable to produce. 

Conversely, silk fibers cost more since they are harder to find and can be imported. The yarn or fiber count also affects the cost. In order to make more fabric & reinforce its strength, finer counts are more expensive.

Dye Type And Fabric Size

When they are manufactured, fabrics are usually sized for dyeing. Often, fabric widths are adjusted to make more fabric. Fabrics cost more to dye when they are wider, but they are cheaper to dye when they are longer. In addition, dyeing heavier fabrics costs more money since additional dye is required.

Dye types also affect fabric prices. Darker colored fabrics are more pricey. The cost of dye varies depending on the specific color.

Costs Of Production

A production cost is the cost of running & maintaining a machine. Fabrics are manufactured by spinning and weaving, which require expensive machines to operate and maintain. In addition to the cost of maintaining these machines, the fabric is also pricey.

Other Factors

In rare fabrics, fibres are harder to come by, or harvest takes longer, so they cost more to make. A patterned fabric requires a special dyeing process to produce, resulting in higher production costs. Designer fabrics, for example, are also more expensive.

Which Type Of Fabric Is Most Expensive? [Discussed]

The availability of some fabrics is very limited. Buying a small amount of these fabrics might cost 1000 of dollars. Some of the most costly fabrics are listed below.

Vicuna Wool

Vicuna Wool fabric

“Vicuna wool” is the world’s most exclusive fabric. Similar to llamas & alpacas, vicunas are vulnerable animals native to South America. Due to this, vicuna materials is rare, making it quite expensive. Unless you catch them, you can only shave their wool every 2 or 3 years. Catching them is extremely difficult. A vicuna wool skein will cost you approximately $3,800.


Guanaco fabric

The wool of a “guanaco” as the same as the wool of a vicuna. Due to its fine fibers, it is very expensive. Wool from vicunas is the only fiber that is finer, since, like vicunas, the guanaco is also endangered. As soft as cashmere, their wool is incredibly warm. Guanaco wool scarves cost about $2,000 at Alpaca Collections.

Mulberry Silk

By eating only mulberry leaves, silk worms produce mulberry silk. Among all silks, mulberry silk has the highest level of quality and refinement. Aside from being hypoallergenic, the fabric is made from 100% natural. Those factors all contribute to its expense, however, it is still cheaper than vicuna wool. The cost of mulberry silk per yard is approximately $60.


“Leopard fur” is the most pricy sort of fur. However, leopard fur cannot be sold as leopards are extremely endangered. Various kinds of fur, like chinchillas and minks, can be both elegant and difficult to handle. A chinchilla’s fur is the softest. It can cost up to $100,000 to purchase a coat made from chinchilla fur.


A cashmere goat lives in the called “Himalayan mountains” of Asia, where cashmere is naturally produced. Mountains have a very cold climate, so goats’ fur grows thick. Cashmere is warm because of its natural properties. Additionally, it is among the world’s softest fibers. The cost is high because goats only produce “200-grams” of fiber per year, which are only collectible once per year.

What Is The Cheapest Fabric Material?

The low priced fabrics are usually cotton & polyester. Their availability, cost, and ease of production make them more appealing. Nevertheless, based on how they are manufactured, some might consider them inferior to another fabric.


There are two types of cotton: traditional & organic. However, there is a high demand for cotton, so farmers are growing it both ways. Cotton’s quality & price are affected by how it is grown.

Traditional Cotton

Cotton is traditionally cheaper, due to several factors that make it so cheap. The problem is, that this method damages cotton fibers, resulting in them being less pure than they could be.

Similar soil is also used in traditional cotton production, thus affecting its durability over time. In addition, herbicides are used more frequently. As a result, both retailers and consumers are forced to pay less for cotton.

Organic Cotton

Hand-picked organic cotton preserves its purity. Additionally, hand-picked cotton has a lower risk of being damaged, resulting in long fibers. Organic cotton has longer fibers, making it both softer and more durable compared to traditional cotton.

Organic cotton is also pesticide-free. Cotton crops grown on organic soil are rotated each season, improving soil quality and cotton quality. Producing and buying higher-quality cotton is more expensive.


As polyester fabrics become cheaper to produce, their popularity is increasing. Natural fibers, like cotton, are not found in them. This fabric is made from oil, coal, and water, making it a kind of man-produced material. It is quicker and cheaper to manufacture man-made materials. Due to its mass-produced nature, polyester fabric is more affordable compared to other fabrics.

Which Online Fabric Stores Offer The Best Deals?

When buying fabric online, there are a number of high-quality stores offering a wide selection of fabrics. Online fabric stores are listed below.

Fabric dot com

“Fabric (dot) com” offers the largest selection of fabrics online. Featuring a wide range of reasonable fabrics, this site is the best resource for people with a specific goal in mind. However, you can browse fabrics by color, purpose, type, or theme. Get started with these free patterns and ideas if you don’t know what you want to make. Additionally, it offers bolts of fabric for sale.

Joann Fabrics

“Joann Fabrics” offers a wide variety of fabrics. No matter where you live, their website offers a variety of fabric patterns and styles. Certain sort of fabrics are categorized online based on their theme and usage. Quality & affordable fabrics are what make them popular.


In the past, “Minted” offered stationery, cards, prints, and more from all over the world. Additionally, they now sell fabric. Different colors and materials are available for artist-designed fabrics. The fabrics on their site aren’t cheap like other stores, so each fabric listed there is unique, so the price reflects that.

Mood Fabrics

“Mood Fabrics” is based in “New York City,” and also offers an online store. The fabrics on offer are geared by fashion, as well as designer and exclusive fabrics. The fabric costs a bit more, but it’s high quality. It’s sure to be easy to find the perfect item among so many options.

Organic Cotton Plus

“Organic Cotton Plus” manufactures eco-friendly and organic fabrics & is affiliated with a “Texas cotton farm.” Among the first organic farms in the nation, this farm was certified in 1996. Weaved, wool, knit, hemp, and silk fabrics are available here. You can buy natural fabrics here if you prefer to work with them.


“Spoonflower” also sells fabric created by artists all over the world, like Minted. The website provides unique fabrics as well as current fabric trends. Spoonflower fabrics are more expensive than those from other places. However, they are made using eco-friendly processes that support the designers who created them. Purchasing sample packs will let you test the stretch, softness, and other properties of materials to find the right one suitable for the project.


“Walmart” sells some fabrics directly and others through 3rd-parties. When you are unable to find what you are looking for in a Walmart store, seek it out online. A variety of materials and colors are available in the fabrics here, and they are affordable. Fabric bolts are also available at Walmart.

Approximately How Much Does A Yard Of Fabric Cost?

As you already know, there are numerous factors that affect the price of fabric. Therefore, it is difficult to know what the retailer or producer’s price is per yard. Particularly for retailers, price changes are more frequent according to the factors involved.

  • However, when buying upholstery fabric, per yard costs typically range from $30 to $60 and from $10 to $20 for affordable fabrics. 
  • If you want special pattern fabrics, they are 2-3 times more expensive than ordinary fabric. 
  • Designer fabrics cost between $100 and $200 per yard.
  • Retail shops offer different prices. In general, good quality cotton fabrics cost between $7 and $20 per yard.

How Much Does Cotton Fabric Cost Per Yard?

Cotton fabric’s price per yard is influenced by several factors. Among them are quality, design, quantity, color, pattern, etc., which determine the value. Cotton fabrics may even be priced differently at different stores.

  • Getting cotton fabric for $1 a yard is hard, but it is possible. 
  • However, since it is hard, you might come across regular pricing. 
  • Depending on the store, cotton fabric can cost between $3 and $12 per yard. 
  • According to the factors, others might cost $5-$20.

In comparison to organic, better-quality fabrics, traditional cotton fabrics are less expensive. Production methods and market conditions determine the price.

How Much Does Silk Fabric Cost Per Yard?

Fabrics made from silk are soft and natural. It is common to see models and actors wearing silk dresses. Silkworms are used to produce these fabrics. A high-quality fabric, silk was probably first produced in China.

  • It is expensive to produce silk, but the product is natural. 
  • Generally, 1 lb of silk requires 2000 to 3000 silkworms. 
  • As soon as the fibers are collected, they are woven together or knotted. 
  • Hence, we obtain silk fabric. Silk comes in different forms and versions. 
  • Fabrics made of silk that I enjoy are chiffon, crepe, and organza.

The price of raw fabric per yard is $10. A good quality weave can cost $5 to $65 per yard. Dupioni average costs $13 to $20 per yard, and Chiffon average costs $5 to $10 as well.

How Much Upholstery Fabric Costs Per Yard?

Buying upholstery fabric per yard has the same considerations as we mentioned above. 

  • Fabric for upholstery, for example, is thicker, more durable, and has a variety of colors. 
  • Consequently, the price may be higher than for regular fabrics.
  • Fabric for upholstery is sold at One’s outlets for $30-$60 a yard. 
  • You may have to pay more for premium designer fabrics. 
  • If you need more than five yards, it may cost quite a bit of money. In contrast, a cheaper version might cost between $10 and $20 per yard.

What Is The Cost Per Yard Of Sunbrella Fabric?

Retailers can charge up to $25 a yard for Sunbrella fabric. Similar items can also be found online at discounted prices. In other online shops, Sunbrella fabric prices vary according to width.

“Amazon,” a popular worldwide market, offers 3-yard Sunbrella fabric for $23. It is based on factors and can change over time.

What Is The Average Price Per Yard Of Satin Fabric?

We also generally choose satin for our clothing. The fabric is made of man-made materials. These can be mass-produced by any manufacturer. Satin is, therefore, an elegant & attractive material.

  • It may seem expensive, but it isn’t. In terms of budget, it fits. 
  • Stores can charge differently for satin fabric based on its quality. 
  • A yard of satin fabric costs $3-$40 at Walmart. 
  • A yard of satin costs $22 at Mood Fabrics. 
  • Meanwhile, Amazon sells, on average, 25-40 dollars per yard.

What Is The Cost Per Yard Of Fleece Fabric?

  • At online stores with discount offers, “fleece fabric” material starts at $2 per yard. However, better quality comes at a higher price.  
  • Offline, fleece fabric is sold for $3 to $10 per yard. 
  • This item is available at Joann’s for this price. 
  • However, you can always justify buying the most affordable fleece at the shops.

At Joann’s, How Much Does A Yard Of Fabric Cost?

  • The cost of fabric at Joann’s typically ranges between $5 to $300 per yard. 
  • You can shop Joann’s website for fabrics in categories that include home decor, apparel, quilting, & utility fabric.
  • These fabrics cost more under some categories than in others. 
  • For instance, curtains may have thicker fabrics than clothes. 
  • Fabrics for home decor are slightly more expensive than those for fashion & apparel. 
  • If you’re on a budget, you can narrow it down by price.

What Is The Cost Of A Yard Of Fabric At Walmart?

  • Walmart sells fabrics exclusively for $2.97 to $15 per yard. 
  • In some cases, clearance fabrics are less expensive than that. 
  • On their website, there are also fabrics available through third parties. Typically, these fabrics are more expensive.
  • Walmart’s website categorizes its products by material, pattern, size, and brand. 
  • By filtering by material, you can select cotton, polyester, or canvas. 
  • The fabrics can also be filtered by pattern. 
  • Third-party materials are available at Walmart if you shop by brand.

What Is The Cost Of A Bolt Of Fabric?

  • Fabrics can be purchased in bolts. Fabric bolts are 100 yards long. Those who plan to sew large projects prefer fabric bolts. 
  • Bolts of fabric are more affordable since they come in bulk. Selling fabrics individually can make retailers more money.
  • Fabric prices are affected by the factors listed above, as well as the type of fabric.
  • Bolts of fabrics are sold by some famous retailers like “Walmart and Joann Fabrics.” If you purchase any fabric from them, you will see the difference.
  • Walmart sells 25-yard bolts of satin for $2.50. Larger bolts are more expensive (like $100).
  • Wholesale shops also sell fabric bolts. In a similar fashion, fabrics in bulk are less expensive and sometimes discounted. Buying the fabrics individually may not be possible.

Lastly, Some Thoughts

Thank you for reading this article about fabric costs. I hope it provided you with useful information. You know all how much does fabric cost and way of the cost as well. There is a wide range of prices when it comes to fabrics. The final cost relies on the material you choose & where you purchase it. Do not assume that cheap means inferior quality. It just takes a little effort to find the right price and shop for you.

In order to determine the price of fabric by the bolt or yard, you must consider the quality and type of the fabric. For cheap fabric, check out yard sales & thrift shops. Share this article with someone who might benefit from it, and leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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