How Much Fabric To Make A Dress? Overall Explanation

how much fabric to make a dress

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You might be wondering, How Much Fabric To Make A Dress? Usually, a dress requires between 2 and 5 yards of cloth. Depending on the type of dress you’re making, a simple dress takes about 2 yards. However, a fabric of 4-1/4 yards with a width of 35-36′′ would be suitable for a dress with short sleeves.

To make a long-sleeved long dress, approximately 5 yards of material are needed if it is 35 to 36 inches wide. However, design, size, height, & pattern may affect your fabric requirements.

Which fabric would you choose to sew a dress if you did not have enough? Read on how to measure the fabric needed for an outfit. We’ve written this post to help you calculate how much fabric you need to make your dress.

Dresses Name & Fabric Measurement Table

Check out the table below for fabric requirements for making your needed dress. It is also important to understand your fabric well, note pre washing and pressing factors, but most importantly, cut carefully.

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Type Of OutfitFabric Width “44 Inches”Fabric Width “56 – 60 Inches”
Anarkali:4 meters minimum (Depending on flare)3.5 Meters minimum (Depending on flare)
Churidar:2.5 Meters1.75 Meters
Salwar:2.5 Meters1.75 Meters
Pants:2.5 Meters1.50 Meters
Lehenga:3.5 Meters3 Meters
Palazzo:3-3.5 Meters3-3.5Meters
Skirt, A-line:3.5 Meters3 Meters
Skirts:4 Meters4 Meters
Mini Dress:4 Meters3.5 Meters
Maxi Dress:4 Meters3.5 Meters
Long Kurti:3.5 Meters3 Meters
Short Kurti:2.25 Meters2 Meters
Saree:“Measures 5.5 Meters,” Pallu length: 6 meters“Measures 5.5 Meters,” Pallu length: 6 meters
Dupatta:2.5 Meters2.5 Meters
Petticoat:2.5 Meters2.25 Meters
Blouse:1 Meter0.80 Meter
Scarf:1.25 Meters1 Meter
Mens’ Churidar/ Pants:2.5 Meters1.75 Meters
Men’s Shirt:2 Meters1.75 Meter
Off Shoulder Dress:4 Meters4 Meters
Shorts:2 Meters2 Meters
Jacket (Sleeveless:2 Meters1.75 Meters
Kaftan Dress:5 Meters5 Meters

How Much Cloth Do I Need For A Dress?

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In order to determine the fabric requirement, height & weight must be taken into account. However, the fitting and build also play a crucial role. 

Additionally, the design should be taken into account, including:

  • Fabric Texture
  • Dress Pattern, and
  • Bias or lengthwise cutting

Fabric Widths And Lengths: Everything You Need To Know

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Along the fabric selvage, the yard is measured 36’’ long. Regarding fabric width, different fabrics have different widths. Generally, cotton fabrics range from 44-45 inches wide.

Fabric bolts are most commonly available in the following widths:

  • 36’’
  • 38’’
  • 42’’
  • 44/45’’
  • 48’’
  • 54’’
  • 58’’
  • 59’’
  • 60’’
  • 72’’, and
  • 108 inches

Calculating The Amount Of Fabric: You Should Know

  • A dress’s length should be the first consideration when calculating fabric yardage. 
  • One yard of fabric should be enough for a kid’s short dress with short sleeves. 
  • You will probably require at least 2 to 3 meters of fabric for an adult-size dress with long sleeves.
  • However, fabric width must also be considered. 
  • Most fabrics are 45 inches wide, but there may be some that are 60’’ wide as well. 
  • More yardage will be needed for narrower fabric widths.

How Many Yards Does A Long Dress Require?

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Obviously, how much fabric you need depends on the dress length. Using 36-inch wide materials for a long dress requires a minimum of 5 yards. Additionally, 3 yards are recommended for wider 60″ fabrics.

01. Style And Cut Should Be Considered

  • Besides considering the fabric length and width of the garment, style & cut are also important.
  • It is necessary to use more fabric for the “A-line skirt” than the “straight skirt,” for example.
  • You may need considerably less fabric for a “bias-cut skirt,” according to the fabric’s type, pattern, and width.
  • Fabric requirements for wrap dresses will also differ from those for slip dresses.
  • Approximately 5- 7 yards of textile should be sufficient for making a full-length ballroom dress. Basically, the “flared gown” will require of fabric 6 to 7 yards.

02. Fabric Yardage Is Affected By Patterns

A dress made from plain fabric will require more fabric compared to a dress made from a pattern. Due to the gathering of the fabric, ruched dresses will also require more fabric.

03. Body Measurements

All of us are different sizes and shapes, so calculate the number of yards you need according to the user’s body measurements. Dress measurements are different from those for pants, skirts, and shirts.

In order to sew a dress correctly, tape measures are needed. Following are the steps to follow:

  • Take your own measurements if you are buying the dress for yourself.
  • To make the dress for the person, ask them to stand 15 inches apart.
  • Wear tight-fitting clothes or lingerie when getting measurements.
  • Add 2 inches to the measurements to ensure comfort all over the body.
  • Measurement places will vary based on what you’re making – for example; you’ll need more details for sizing dresses than shirts.
  • Specifically for dresses, measurements are needed for: bust, hips, waist, neck to waist, armhole depth, shoulder span, wrist round,  height, sleeve length, knee length, dress length, hip to waist, & nape to the breast.

Fabric Yardage Calculation: Based On Measurements

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After you’ve taken accurate measurements, using these formulas will help you determine how much clothing you need:

A-Line Or Tunic Dresses

  • The dress’s length should be multiplied by 2 and added by 0.25m as well.

Other Dresses

  • Calculate the accurate length of the bodice & skirt (from waistline) by multiplying them by two.
  • Allow for hems and seams. For sleeves, add 0.75m plus seam and hem allowances.
  • The total will probably be about 3 yards of textiles.
  • This totally depends on the fabric width & style of your dress.

“How To Figure Out, How Much Fabric I Should Use? ”

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In this case, when it comes to calculating the amount of fabric to get for dresses, there are a lot of factors to consider.

If you don’t have a pattern, think about the following when purchasing fabric for your dressmaking project:

  • Fabric width.
  • Dressing style.
  • Individuals’ body measurements.
  • Patterns on fabrics.
  • Your dress’s length.

Generally speaking, get more fabric than you need – it’s better to have extra fabric than to run out.

Wedding Dress: How Much Fabric Do I Need?

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Every bride dreams of wearing the perfect wedding dress. Therefore, finding out what fabric a wedding dress requires is a major concern.

Well, the amount of wedding dress material depends on your choice of designs and styles, as well as the bride’s height and weight.

Here are a few examples of wedding dresses based on yardage requirements:

A-line Shaped Wedding Dress 

The A-line wedding dress is popular among brides. It will take about 5 to 7 fabric yards if you choose it too. 

Ballroom Gown Wedding Dress

As the name suggests, it’s a fancy dress for your wedding. So, choose the fabric that is 8 and 10 yards long.

Mermaid or Trumpet Wedding Dress

You’ll need between 4 to 6 yards of fabric for a trumpet or mermaid wedding dress.

Tea-length Wedding Dress

In case you don’t want to wear a floor-sweeping dress on your big day, choose this one. You will need about 3 yards of fabric for this project.

Maxi Dress: How Much Fabric Do I Need?

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  • Maxi dresses seem to be the easiest to sew. 
  • There are no fancy design elements added to it. Instead, it is merely straight.
  • Therefore, your maxi dress needs fabric on both sides.
  • Stop immediately if you’re trying to calculate how much fabric a maxi may require. 
  • For a simple maxi dress, sewing experts recommend approximately 2-3 yards.
  • Using knit fabric, this yardage ensures stretch. 
  • However, if you choose a different fabric to make the maxi dress, your fabric requirements may differ. 
  • You can also be judged on the size of your body. However, 3 yards is no problem. 

Long Dress: How Much Fabric Is Needed?

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  • The long dress has become a trend now. Once you know what type of fabric you need, creating such a stunning long dress is no problem. 
  • Let us help you figure out how much fabric you will need for your long dress. First of all, the design of your dress will determine how much fabric you need.
  • As an example, take your sewing kit and set it up to sew a long flared dress. 
  • If that’s the case, you’ll need 3 to 4 rolls of fabric. 
  • Yet, the more flares or puffs you add, the extra cloth you require. 
  • Conversely, you can wear a pencil or a straight-cut long dress. 
  • In that case, you only need 60 inches wide and 2 yards long fabric. 
  • With long dresses, some prefer long sleeves. A half yard of fabric is sufficient in that case.

Prom Dress: How Much Fabric Do I Need?

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  • Making prom dresses usually involves getting stuck on the quantity of the fabric. 
  • However, in this scenario, your fabric, design, and length will determine how much material you need.
  • Is your prom dress long & flared? As a result, roughly 6 to 7 yards of 60″ wide fabric are required. Then, fabric lining can be added, of course.
  • This will require up to 6 yards (or fewer) of cloth. 
  • When determining the fabric quantity, take measurements of your body. 
  • A long-sleeved dress has now become a prom staple. 
  • In case you want to make prom dresses with a long sleeve, you’ll need half a meter more fabric.

Wrap Dress: How Much Fabric Is Needed?

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  • Wrap dresses remain popular because they are comfortable yet flattering. 
  • Featuring a “tehri design,” you’ll find it unique. Because of this, the fabric is usually required in plenty. 
  • The curiosity factor may be added by asking what fabric you need exactly. 
  • We take your fabric choice, weight, height, & design into consideration. 
  • On the basis of all these considerations, most sewing enthusiasts recommend using 4 feet of fabric. 
  • In contrast, when using stretchy fabrics (knits or polyesters), 3 yards is sufficient.

Toddler Dress: How Much Fabric Do I Need?

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  • A toddler dress seems to tens up sewers whenever they think about sewing one. 
  • However, we are here to relieve your worries. Toddler dresses are for small children.
  • Therefore, making a dress like this will not require a lot of fabric. 
  • For toddlers’ dresses, it’s best to select lightweight fabrics. 
  • For example, light linen or shirting fabric can be used. 
  • Regarding quantity, the toddler dress type will require 1-2 yards of fabric. 
  • Whatever design or style you choose, you’ll run out of fabric with 2 yards.

Girl Dress: How Much Fabric Do I Need?

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  • Dresses for girls come in many styles & designs. 
  • Therefore, no dress stands out as a girl’s dress. 
  • The purpose of this section is to explain how much yardage is needed for each type of dress for girls.
  • We will use the fabric yards to create a narrow-wide garment with 44-45 inches in width.

For different girl dresses, you’ll need the following fabric:

Bermuda Length Shorts

The fabric should not exceed 2 to 1/8 yards.


To make a long sleeves blouse, you will need 2 to 1/8 yards of fabric. It is necessary to have 1 to 5/8 yards of cloth for capped sleeves.


If you want a straight skirt, 1 to 5/8 yards of fabric will be enough. In contrast, 1 to 3/4 yards of fabric are required for A-line skirts.


When making a camisole with a bias cut, you should use 1 to 1/3 yards of fabric.

Straight Skirt Dress

This way, if you want long sleeves, 3 to 1/8 yards of cloth would be ideal. In the case of short sleeves, 3-5/8 yards will do great.

Pillowcase Dress: How Much Fabric Do I Need?

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  • A pillowcase dress brings back childhood memories almost instantly. 
  • Yes, children usually wear this classic design dress. Thus, you won’t need a lot of fabric when making it. 
  • However, 1 to 1.5 yards of fabric should be enough for a cute pillowcase dress for kids.
  • However, your dress’ length also determines how much fabric you’ll need. 
  • Therefore, decide first what length you want, including knee-length, mid-calf, or mid-thigh, before choosing the amount of fabric.

Cinderella’s Dress: How Much Fabric Do I Need?

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  • Cinderella’s dress looks like a long and puffy ballgown. Yes, you’ll need plenty of fabric for this big, puffy garment. Let us calculate your yardage.
  • As an adult making Cinderella’s dress, about 6.5 to 9.5 yards will be enough. 
  • The fabric should be chosen according to your size, don’t forget.
  • Dresses like Cinderella’s aren’t just for fairy tales. For instance, you can create puffy arms and sleeves with unique designs. 
  • In such a case, have an additional 1 yard handy at all times.

Sheath Dress: How Much Fabric Do I Need?

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  • Sheath dresses are very popular in fashion right now. 
  • The sheath has a straight cut and a nipped waistline. 
  • This type of shirt does not require a waist seam.
  • So, when you ask us how much fabric you’ll need for a sheath dress, it will depend. 
  • Dress length, height, fabric, body fit, designs, & sleeve length determine fabric quantity.
  • Nevertheless, by using the following guidelines, you can simplify the yardage calculation for a sheath dress. 
  • According to this rule, sheath dresses require 3 to 4 fabric yards at most.  

Final Words

Whenever people begin a dress-making project, they tend to get stuck on one question. How much fabric to make a dress? This is a very important concern to ask.

In order to avoid running back to the store again if you have too little extra. Even if you bought too much fabric, you don’t want to be remorseful.That’s why our fabric expertise is here to help. Whatever dress and pattern you choose, we give you a precise estimate of how much fabric you’ll need.

We’d love to hear about your fabric experiences.

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