How Much Is A Yard Of Fabric: A To Z About Size

how much is a yard of fabric

1 yard= 0.9144 Meter. There are different widths of fabric, which is why a yard is only the measurement of its length. 

The material should be unrolled onto the bolt, and the length should be 36 inches & 3 feet. It is exactly this amount of fabric that makes up a yard. Fabric yards measure 36 inches off the selvage edge, not the bolt, which holds the material together.

If you would like to learn more about how this works, review the rest of this article. There is no denying that details are crucial.

How Much Fabric Is 1 Yard?

Don’t forget, the ‘1-yard’ measurement only describes the length. A fabric’s width does not affect its length, which is highly variable. Inches or yards are typically used to measure fabric (length & width), measurements that can vary greatly. 

However, if your goal is to measure the actual yardage of fabric width-wise, it is better to use “square inches.”  In the image below, I have a yard of fabric and a width of 60′′ (1.5m).

How Much Price Is 1 Yard Of Fabric Actually?

At, Joann’s, and Mood Fabrics, typically sell cotton for $7+ per yard. The cost of linen per yard is more than $20. It costs around $20 – $50 per yard to purchase home decor fabrics. A yard of stretchy knit fabric costs $10 or more. The cost of silk per yard ranges from $20 to $60 as well.

Calculate Fabric Measurements By Conversion Chart

Professionals commonly use the term fabric yardage. However, depending on width & length, the term can mean many different things. Typically, a yard refers to an area around a home or an area between 2 places. This parameter is also used to sell fabric.

Yard (fraction)Yard (decimal)InchesFeet / FootMeterCm
1 1/81.12540.53.3751.0287102.87
1 1/41.25453.751.143114.3
1 1/21.5544.51.3716137.16

Source: Google’s conversion calculator

The Conversion Of Meters To Yards (Calculation)

If you’re unfamiliar with yards, they are the “International System of Units” 0.9144 meters and the United States customary system’s 3 feet.

It is normal for a tape to measure 5 feet long, or 60 inches. Approximately 1.66 yards are in it. The internet is filled with conversion charts. Thus, you can use them to calculate any amount.

  • Calculate the result by multiplying it by 1.094. As a result, you get an approximation. 
  • If necessary, round to the nearest decimal point.
  • By multiplying 3 meters by 1.094, you get 3.282 yards. 
  • This level of precision is not possible in a store. 
  • Rounding the value to 1 decimal place gives us 3.3 yards.
  • For fabric stores that don’t allow you to order less of a yard, 0 decimal places must be rounded. 
  • Thus, 3.3 yards would be approximately 3 yards, however; experts recommend not doing this. 
  • A project requires 3.3 yards, so losing 0.3 yards is not an option. 
  • To round up, use 4 yards instead.

Source: this formula is from Google’s conversion calculator.

Meter (fraction)Meter (decimal)CmYard (decimal)
1 1/41.251251.36702
1 1/21.51501.64042

Source: Google’s conversion calculator

The Process Of Converting Yards To CM (Calculation)

  • Take the number and multiply it by 91.44. 
  • To get the result, round it to the closest 1 decimal place.
  • It’s important to round down carefully. 
  • The fabric you need for the project may not be enough if you round down too much.

Source: this formula is from Google’s conversion calculator.

The Conversion Of Yards To Feet (Calculation)

  • Take the number and multiply it by 3. 
  • To round a result, round it up & down by 1 decimal place.
  • Make sure you round down carefully. 
  • It is possible to run out of fabric if you’re round down too much.

Source: this formula is from Google’s conversion calculator.

The Conversion Of Yards To Inches (Calculation)

  • Take the number and multiply it by 36. 
  • Then round a result, round it up & down by 1 decimal place. 
  • Rounding down should be done with caution. 
  • Your project may run out of fabric if your round down is too extreme.

Source: this formula is from Google’s conversion calculator.

Converting Inches To Yards (Calculation)

  • Subtract 36 from the number. 
  • After that, it should be rounded up & down by one decimal place.
  • A 10″ square multiplied by 36 square feet equals 0.27777777777 yards. 
  • Stores are unable to cut fabric so precisely. 
  • When it is rounded to one decimal place, it equals 0.3 yards. 
  • It is now possible to specify how many yards you would like at the fabric store.
  • Don’t forget to round down carefully. 
  • In case you round your numbers too much, your project might run out of fabric.

Source: this formula is from Google’s conversion calculator.

Tips For Deciding How Much Yard of Fabric To Buy (Calculation)

  • Usually, the number should be divided by 1.094. The result will be approximate. 
  • Decimal places should then be rounded up & down by 1.
  • As an example, 3 yards multiply by 1.094 equals 2.74223034735 meters. 
  • Stores offer fabric in increments of 0.1m and cannot cut fabrics this precisely. 
  • Rounding it up to one decimal place gives 2.7 meters. 
  • In the event that the fabric store won’t allow this, you will have to round up to 0. We will round up 2.7m to 3m.
  • The sewing pattern might require 2.4m of cloth, so don’t round that down to 2m. 
  • If you do, you’ll be short 0.4m of cloth.
  • Make sure you round down carefully. 
  • Using too much fabric will not allow you to complete your project. 

Source: this formula is from Google’s conversion calculator.

When Planning Fabric, Should You Round Down Or Up? [Math help]

  • You should round your results up to the “1 decimal” place according to all the calculations above. 
  • Normally, if a number exceeds 5, it is rounded up. Alternatively, you round down if it’s less than 5.
  • When it comes to fabric quantities needed for a specific project, rounding down is not recommended. 
  • Make sure you have enough fabric before you start cutting. 
  • Buying a little extra is always a good idea. 
  • Another reason to buy more fabric is the risk of shrinkage.

What Can You Make With 1 Fabric Yard?

  • Baby clothes & accessories 
  • Zipper pouches
  • Tote bag
  • 1 short apron
  • Scrunchies
  • Headbands 
  • Pillows
  • Mini skirts
  • Napkins and place mats 
  • Crop tops 
  • Top & shirt
  • Tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Hat
  • Pencil skirt
  • Underwear
  • Short-sleeved blouse
  • Scarf

How Big Is A Yard Of Fabric?

A lot of interesting facts have been found about the “US Imperial System.” In England, for example, the fabric was measured by yardage and inches as early as the 15th century. 

Wikipedia states that there was a law passed in 1439, abolishing the yard & handful system and enforcing a yard measurement and inch system. Yards of fabric is equivalent to 36” in length, however, all fabric yards are not equal.

How Big Is “1 Yard” Of Fabric

  • In feet:– 3
  • In inches:– 36
  • In centimeters:– 91.44
  • In meters:– 0.91

How Big Is “Half Yard” Of Fabric

  • In feet:– 1 1/2
  • In inches:– 18
  • In centimeters:– 45.72
  • In meters:– 0.46

How Big Is “Quarter Yard” Of Fabric

  • In feet:– 3/4
  • In inches:– 9
  • In centimeters:– 22.86
  • In meters:– 0.23

How Wide Is A Yard Of Fabric?

  • Yards are only measured for length; they don’t include the width of the fabric. 
  • A yard of fabric does not have a measurement for its width when you buy it in a yard. 
  • In this case, it is also necessary to ask, “how wide is a yard of fabric?”
  • In order to get a yard, you need the following dimensions: one yard multiplied by the width fabric. 
  • Despite its importance during the sewing process, the store doesn’t care about fabric width. 
  • Only yards are counted when measuring fabric. 

How Is Fabric Sold?

Generally, fabrics are sold in yards. However, it’s important to note, fabric yards can be divided into fractions (for instance, into 2, 4, 8, or 16 parts). The pieces of fabric may be 2 ⅜ yards or other fractions in a fabric store. 

What exactly is the amount of fabric? There are 2 main ways to sell fabric: 

  1. By Length
  • The fabric is usually sold by the yard. 
  • Alternatively, it can also be sold in half yards, in particular, if it is an expensive fabric. 
  • An uninterrupted piece of a factor of the unit’s length is purchased.
  1. By The Piece
  • Square pieces are very common, ranging in size from 4×4” up to more than 10×10. 
  • In quilting, “fat quarters” are a very common kind of piece. 
  • Fat quarters are squares only if they are cut from 36 inches wide fabric
  • Otherwise, they usually measure 18 inches by 22 inches. 
  • That is nowhere close to the ¼ yard measurement, measuring 9”. 


01. How much does a yard of fabric cover?

As a yard of fabric is always 36 inches long, the width of the fabric greatly influences how much it covers. If the fabric is wider, you can work with more material and apply it for larger projects.

02. Can 1 yard make a dress?

In the case of making short-sleeved short dresses for your child, 1 yard of fabric should be enough. However, 2 to 3 yards of wide fabric will be needed for an adult-size dress with long sleeves.

03. What are the dimensions of 1 yard of fabric?

136 Inches (3 Feet)54 Inches (4.5 Feet)
272 Inches (6 Feet)54 Inches (4.5 Feet)
3108 Inches (9 Feet)54 Inches (4.5 Feet)
4144 Inches (12 Feet)54 Inches (4.5 Feet)

04. How many yards of fabric do I need?

You can calculate the number of yards needed by dividing the total length by 36. Fabric seller sells most of the textiles by the yard. Thus, they round it up to the nearest yard for the exact amount.

05. What do 2 yards of fabric look like?

A yard of fabric is equal to 72 inches, 6 feet, 1.8288 meters (rounded up to 1.8m), & 182.88cm. It’s almost 4 times the width of her shoulders.

06. How big is a half yard of fabric?

In terms of fabric, half a yard is equivalent to 18 inches, 0.4572 meters, 1.5 feet, (which is rounded up to 0.46 meters), & 45.72cm.

07. How big is a quarter yard of fabric?

In fabric, a quarter yard is equal to 9 inches, 0.75 feet, 0.2286 meters (which is rounded up from 0.23 meters),& 22.86cm.

08. How big is an eighth of a yard of fabric?

8 yards of fabric are equal to 4.5 inches, 0.375 feet, 0.1143 meters (which is rounded down to 0.11 meters), & 11.43cm. 

Sum Up

Once you’ve determined how much is a yard of fabric, it’s now time to figure out what your garment pattern needs. Using length, width, and how many pieces you need, you can make your accurate dress easily.

Basically, choosing the right yardage for quilting is crucial. Whatever your knowledge level is, no matter if you’re a novice or an experienced player. When doing upholstery & drapery work, having the proper measurement is extremely important.

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